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Edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" sent two correspondents — Yuri Meshkov Snegiryov and Alexandra — in terribly dangerous expedition to the Russian homeland Chupacabra

— I like to drink krovushki brave journalists!

March 8 in the vicinity of the village of Ville, on the banks of the river Oka, was found the skeleton of an unidentified creature with no front legs and the bone crest, like a dinosaur. Pseudo-scientific circles have sounded the alarm. By all measures, the skeleton belonged to the Peruvian mythical monster — Chupacabra.

The appearance of these places chupacabra competent sources associated with the presence in the area of the village Ville anomalous zone. Two kilometers to the north-west of Wylie observed strange phenomena. At night, on the so-called Cow clearing chaotic rush plasma ball-shaped objects, refuses electronics, from all sides are heard strange noises — apparently extraterrestrial nature. And the residents of the district Vyksinskogo believe that she is the center of Ville densely populated sorcerers. So much so, that witches have plagued the local priest …

Cow's terrible secret glades

— Hello! We have long been waiting for — greeted us ufologists from the district center Viksa Alex Eccentrics and George Tatar. — Just keep in mind that abnormal clearing in the village of Ville most interesting things happen at midnight. Unfortunately, we can not accompany you to the site. Work, family …

Studies on Bovine clearing, which was discussed, started twenty years ago. Then a group of enthusiastic vyksinskih UFO landed about ten kilometers from the district center, in a forest near the village of Ville. The most accurate instrument of the first expedition was "Zenit" with the flash. As soon as investigators stepped into the clearing, past them at breast streaked bright blue The alarm. The air smelled of ozone. George and Alex were feverishly taking photos clearing. The uninitiated might think that tourists take pictures of botany, hawthorn bushes. But ufologists know what they are doing. On the development of the film clearly showed through the traces of extraterrestrial civilizations. Skeptics still claim that white ball-shaped spots on the pictures — film defect or dew drops on the lens. Image of unidentified flying objects were sent for analysis to the Federal Nuclear Center, Sarov. After treatment in the spectrograph, it became clear that no defects of the film, a drop of dew have no relation to these phenomena. So what is recorded ufologists?

— I do this do not want to go back — sadly said Alexei Eccentrics. — There is a certain facet of knowledge, for which a person can not be crossed. Otherwise not excluded the most unpredictable consequences.

During the call, Alex carefully hid his face from us, holding his hand near his nose. This alerted us. But since we have not shown. George faces hidden from us. He remained silent. It is only once said thoughtfully, as if to himself:

— Nothing, of course, you were sent on this mission … It is dangerous out there …

Why witches do not like priests?

— And where can you find the head of the administration? — We asked the old lady passing by. The old woman, cautiously looked around, made the sign of the sign, crossed her arms and said:

— Where is it to be. In the church, I suppose. Otmalivaet our sins. He's isho and church elder. May God give him health. — The old woman crossed herself, and once again, whispering to himself, trotted through the puddles.

The head of the village administration Ville Aleksandrov Moskalchuk indeed was a devout and friendly person. On the walls of his small hut hung icons and pictures of temples.

— That's what I was shooting itself — with concealed pride he said, showing us a picture of the local church, which opened wide over the black clouds and the domes of God's grace poured out in the form of sunlight.

— And it is true that live in your village sorcerers? — We asked the forehead.

Aleksandrov devoutly crossed himself:

— All this nonsense. In every village there are good and bad people.

Only after the third cup of tea with pastries from Mother lean headman has become more open. It turns out that the rumors of vilskih wizards have not just happen. 2.5 out of thousands vilchan regularly attend church only 162 people. Under the old parish priest Father Vladimir was Pobol, but in 2000, 50-year-old servant of God passed away under mysterious circumstances …

But the fact that his father Vladimir was able to recognize, in the words of our counterparts, "people with severe negative force" and easier — sorcerers. He could just shake while serving parishioner's shoulders and strictly the question: "What are you doing to?" Wizards he knew by sight, and often beat a cross on the head. Warlocks it's not like that. And they bewitched him. A year later, his father, Vladimir died of stomach cancer in a Moscow clinic, abandoning gastrectomy.

— I want to die the way God created me — these were the last words of an honest priest.

But that witches were not satisfied. Exactly a year later under the hooves of his horse killed 16-year-old son of his father Vladimir Arseny. Coincidence?

Father Vladimir, his whole life fighting against evil. Too bad it was short …

Where did this evil

Ville is mentioned in historical documents from the middle of the XVIII century, when the Russian industrialists Batashevs brothers built the first iron works. Younger brother, Andrew Rodionovich was still nothing, but the senior could easily give a hundred points ahead of the Marquis de Sade. How many working people he rot in dungeons as screwed to death! His office (there is now a local traffic police lodges) in the floor was built secret hatch. Brother presses on the pedal, and the source is flying into a stone sack that ends the journey of life alone and terrible agony. And long before that in the neighboring hamlet Tsarina was imprisoned in a dungeon fourth wife of Ivan the Terrible, Anna V..

And they say that here, near Wylie, under Giblovkoy, hid the stolen treasures famous for his cruelty robber — Vaska Roschin. Sit down robbers after going to spill over to play cards. Winning appointed guardian of treasures. But the joy of this post is virtually no champion. He immediately cut off his head and gently laid in the chest on the gold coins. And those who find these treasures, as a rule, died in terrible agony. The severed head was carrying his service regularly. Much still lies in the rich treasure chests on the severed heads vilskoy earth!

Somehow during the Pugachev rebellion come for Batashevs plants Yemel'kin forwarders, "Come on, guys, give us some-guns for the rebellion!" Guns were not given, but hung on every one of the pines. Long dangling body would-vilskom procurers in the cold wind.

The revolution just added blood into a brutal history of Wylie. In the 30's were shot all the priests of the local church. Service ceased, and there was no one to pray for the salvation of souls.

Perhaps it is absurd cruelty of history and a large number of casualties that befell the edge of the forest, and was the cause of unexplained, mysterious manifestations of the dark forces. More recently, a villager went to the Cow's clearing for firewood. He soon ran into the village with a heart-rending cry and fell down dead at his doorstep. Before his death, he was trying to warn the villagers about something, but did not. As if someone gave him a terrible secret Bovine open glades.

Unidentified flying objects in Cow meadow. The picture was taken in the summer of 1984.

In general, all died …

Finally napuzhal us the story of rural women, with whom we chatted near the village store. Once bought a family visiting a house in Vila. There used to be a sorcerer grandfather and grandmother, a witch lived happily, but died the same day. And soon have new tenants daughter got sick. Was taken to the hospital and diagnosed doctors can not deliver. The temperature is below forty, pens scratching the wall, somewhere asks unconscious. Mother went to his grandmother Mary and brought photo of the girl. Grandma looked up and gasped:

— And your house and your whole family is bewitched! Urgent move from this damned place. And for a girl I'm going to pray — may survive.

And it is true: the girl is doing better, and my mother did not believe the predictions of the wise woman, and a year later she was in the hospital with a diagnosis of "cancer". Before his death came to his grandmother Mary, and obey:

— I do not believe you, but it came out as vish! Say, what about my house?

— Grandparents, who lived in it before he died in the foundation laid a spell hair to me to visit the next world you zazvat. Conducted in the coffin to his goodies for them poklast. They will be left behind.

And so it happened.

We are looking for a stalker

— At night? In the woods? But not at any price! — Meet our local taxi drivers.

A lot of us had to suffer in order to find the third amateur extreme nocturnal travels anomalous zones. You'll laugh, but he still found!

— I know this clearing. The day before yesterday at her local journalists drove. Just do not go there at night and in the evening — said a resident Willie Nicholas, the driver "UAZ".

Agreeing with the driver, we went to Vyksa bought all provisions, instruments, equipment and say goodbye to our new friends, ufologists. Of the devices we took a handful of nuts and a medical bandage, as it should be stalkers of equipment — "kerosene lantern lighting", and of food supplies — bunch of candy, "lollipop" on a stick for luring wild Chupacabras.

— Maybe I should change your mind? — Sadly said goodbye to Alex Eccentrics. He was no longer close hand his face. It turns out that putting in new teeth! — Our three who have been there, have died. Although the beginner's luck?


The industrial community Ville is located 10 kilometers from the Vyksa. Young population toils of boredom. Adults earn their daily bread by Vyksinskom metallurgical plant. However, there are rumors that the soon coming global retrenchment, almost half.

(To be continued.)

Alexander BAGS
Yuri Bullfinch March 29, 2004

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