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25.06.11.Odna of the largest rivers in the world, the largest river in Europe may lose this status. It is shallow, silt and overgrown with reeds. Endangered species of fish were valuable. The banks and channel to be cleaned, but officials can not decide who should be responsible.

Even for local fishermen banks of the Volga every summer as new. River receding before our eyes. Ducts shallow or even dry up, and the long form entire algae floating islands, between which even on a boat does not always get through. In this landscape Volga does not look the largest river in Europe.

Thickets of reeds 5 meters as the jungle. This is a dried swamp. By itself, the river can get the sharp odor of rotting reeds. Volga in this place is more like some kind of dirty little rivulet. Virtually no flow, and the water itself — very hot in summer, it warms up to 40 degrees.

These are ideal conditions for silt bottom. Here no longer go rest. And those who do decide to swim in this water, risking much. Yuri Rossoshanskiy recalls once nearly drowned in shallow water.

"One and a half feet — the depth of the sludge. Jump — up to his neck. And in these sediments, dirt, can not move, or move ", — says Yuri Rossoshanskiy fisherman.

Rotting plants emit hydrogen sulfide — the gas deadly for river fauna. These places fishermen called "poaching trails." Fish here is so small that you can catch a serious count only breaking the law.

The catch of the local fishermen surprised even experts from the Department of Fisheries. Now, while there is a spawning fish only from shore. But there is also a long time nothing to catch. According to Vladimir Vodolazova fisherman, "everything is overgrown, one reed."

"If you leave it as it is, in a few years, the fish can be industrially and not mine. It just will not be ", — says the head of inter-district fisheries department of the Saratov region, Alexander Butov.

The first step in solving the problem — clearing the channel and tributaries of the Volga from the reeds and algae. But the river — federal property, and resources in the regional budget for these works do not.

"The principal balance holder is the state. We are ready to co-financing to enter the program, which should be organized to clear channels, including on mow reeds on silted areas, "- said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Strelyukhin Saratov region.

But such programs do not exist, the timing of its adoption vague. And while the entire water area of Saratov Volga there is only one processor, which mows the reeds. Looking at his work, the fishermen comfort themselves: Volga too big to disappear. True, if nothing changes, it will be different.

George Olisashvili

Source: The first channel

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