Threats of using a taxi

Dangers of using a taxi

The introduction of taxi services can be quite dangerous. If you call a cab NIGHT MODE, you must be very usmotritelnym. It is not necessarily standing at the entrance of your car will be called by you taxi. Often under the guise of taxi hiding the kidnappers.

Even if NIGHT MODE machine arrived late — it's really called you a cab, and driver — Friendly honest person, it still does not mean that you will be able to feel completely safe. Nipped the phrase "human factor" can manifest in your life at the most inopportune moment. Driver may be the freshest and bodrenkim, just step up replacement, and may already be in the band 16-18 hours. It may just fall down from lethargy. And it is very unsafe.

Another danger — other road users. Various criminals, night riders, well, just sleeping truckers — people with whom the road is better not to meet. In almost all the towns streets at night does not become silent and empty. Life on them continues to boil. And boiling a taxi driver.

Danger lurks NIGHT MODE is not completely sober passengers. It's too great a temptation for some taxi drivers to rob sleeping passengers and throw it somewhere in the black alley.

Fortunately, many of the threats in a taxi, Moscow knows it, really avoid. And the best way to do this — through the dispatcher to call a taxi in advance to find out what brand of car will come up to you what color it. If have the opportunity, let someone from relatives or friends accompany you to the car and deliberately writes his number.

To somehow protect themselves in the event of a tragedy, and certainly do not wear your seat smuschyaytes make comments to the driver, if he commits a foul. You have every right to petition for their own safety.

There is another danger, which traps night passengers, particularly in remote areas. This is your opportunity to catch a cab the other passengers. If the taxi driver does not know exactly for what he is going to be and where you drive it, then to his car can take and the other passengers. And again, you have to call a taxi, expect it to arrive. If you hurry to the station or to the airport — can be late. Therefore, inform the dispatcher your name, how many passengers will be traveling in a taxi, where you are going, in order to chauffeur could "get to know you." Can you even describe how you will wear.

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