Three days to 185 tornadoes hit America


17.04.11.Za three days in America hit a total of 185 tornadoes, according to weather channel The Weather Channel16 April. According to the channel, on Saturday in the United States there were 63 tornadoes, Friday — 100, and on Thursday — 22.

Tornado hit the southern, central and eastern parts of the U.S..

According to Associated Press, the last three days as a result of a tornado killed at least 17 people. Seven people were killed in Alabama. Three more people — in the state of North Carolina.

Disaster victims are also seven residents of Arkansas. Most died from injuries sustained as a result of falling trees. Three of the victims were less than seven years.

Elements were pushed down trees and posts, which is why in the affected areas have problems with the power supply. The wind also blew off roofs of some houses and overturned many cars.

Tornado threat remains. Authorities in the affected areas do not exclude that the death toll could rise tornado. report

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