To wit: Fitness lovers rocked skyscraper in Seoul


20.07.11.V capital of South Korea was "shaking" 39-storey skyscraper. The cause of the incident, as it turned out, were training at the fitness center on one of the floors of retail and office building.

Emergency happened on July 6 in the center of Seoul TechnoMart, which houses hundreds of shops, as well as offices and a cinema. According to RIA Novosti, the building height of 189 feet was shaking for about ten minutes, while there were about three thousand men. Some of the people were evacuated.
South Korean experts have made an investigation of the incident and found that the culprits were not fearful shaking earthquake, the destruction of the foundation or on the nearby construction sites and fitness enthusiasts. Inspectors came to this conclusion in the course of the experiment, said agency "Rosbalt".

After the incident with the evacuation of power for three days skyscraper tested for safety in an emergency, and architects and seismologists have conducted experiments to verify the authenticity of the found reasons.

Note that normally rocking skyscrapers is the more serious issues, such as an earthquake. Recall that in March amplitude earthquake in Japan was so strong that in Tokyo, skyscrapers began to stagger. A similar phenomenon was observed in the same month in Thailand.


Source: Newsland

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Dear fans of fitness, return to the place of the earth's axis

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