Tomic videotaped UFO. Video


17.04.12.Tomich shot on home video camera unusual. Coming on the eve of an hour a night on the balcony, he witnessed the inexplicable end of the world in the night sky. First attracted his attention bright vibrant point. Picking up the camera and configure the maximum approach, young man, quite literally, lost the gift of human speech.

The facility consists of a two translucent cone, connected to each other bases. Inside, a bright dot is clearly visible. The same point can be seen in the top of the cone. In the translucent body of the object can be observed some pulsation, which was moving in a clockwise direction. To understand whether the object is material, as seen from the record, is not possible. According to a witness, unexplained figure was almost motionless in the sky, while periodically turning into one point, and then appearing again. Presentation lasted for an hour, then disappeared without leaving in the night sky is no trace. Again, as the witness says, he feels it was happening in the sky above the correctional institution about number 4 on the Nakhimov.

Stepan SLOBODYAN, Ph.D., Professor, "Either this is a laser show, or advertising — luminous paint. Illuminated by light vehicles. As buildings are high, maybe it's skyline in Kislovka "

Source: Lead-Tomsk

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