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Weapons to flyThere is a perception that future development should progress more to teach the merits of nature and copy them as it can be. According to another opinion, to teach natural "technology" and trying to rebuild them to suit your requirements. Specifically, in the second direction at the moment are in the aviation laboratory Israel Institute of Technology. Dr. D. Vayhs and Dr. G. Rybak at the current time will study the ability of the creation of small but promising cyborgs.

Information on these experiments appeared in the newspaper "Haaretz". Title of work was not specified, but Israeli journalists were quick to point out the fact that research money was allocated Pentagon. Perhaps this detail was posted that called for the revival of the material. Task of research is to find patterns between the actions of the nervous system of insects (flies used in experiments, grasshoppers, dragonflies, etc.) and their actions. In the future, this may allow the body to control the insect as a radio-controlled toy.

The prospects for this trend, according to Israeli researchers, huge. In the future, "radio-fly" will be able to be used as a subtle means of surveillance and reconnaissance. Specifically, the appointment of the ambitious project to explain simply. At present, the development of technology comes from the huge to small, which, however, does not make the price of the object is proportional to its size — Microelectronics and Microtechnology sometimes prove to be even more enormous. This is followed by significant difficulties in the design of the aircraft, comparable in size to the insects. You want to collect in a very malehankih dimensions motivated hardware (camera or microphone with a transmitter), the engine and propeller, a control system and a power source for all systems. It turns out, you need to do immediately is not four most common things. In turn, if the target hardware installed on the insect, dare problem with the "suspension" and partly powered systems. But in this case will have to radically new girl system management, which will convert the radio signal from the remote control to a form that is easily understood system of insect muscle.

This principle should be the need for the development of various electronic signature signals of the nervous system or fly dragonfly. It is in this direction at the present time and work Vayskh Rybak. Their experiments looked then as follows: fixed on a special board insect is placed into a small aerial pipe. Next cut one propeller and under the influence of air flow fly or beetle must flap their wings because they seemed to really fly. The whole process is recorded on a high-speed camera. Apart from the camera to capture the behavior of insects used special system electrodes, which is put on the body and transmits the signals experimental its nervous system computer. Further analysis is done on the video recordings and nerve impulses. Who could make a "map" to what is connected between the configuration of nerve impulses and muscle acts insect. With all this, Israeli scientists suggest in the future to use the acquired data "as is." It is understood that insect with razvedapparaturoy will fly without the help of others — and so it is perfectly able — and specifically modulated signals will be used only for course corrections and the similar things.

With control, at least, the conceptual part of it, as to be sorted out. Stay motivated equipment and power supply. At present, there are already standards laboratory photo and video cameras, microphones and which, together with the transmitter can be included in suitable for the weight and size of insects. Certainly, by the time when they are ready the first experimental "radio-fly", there will be appropriate standards of intelligence equipment. As a power source for the entire electronic system, they, even indirectly, the body itself may be insect medium. For example, the Institute of Michigan (USA) achieved some success in this area. There have already made a special generator which can produce electricity by consuming the energy of motion of the wings beetle carrier. Also in Michigan could cochlea implant microscopic fuel cells of the design. As we see, in the field of electronics supply for insect intelligence is little progress.

It must be emphasized that Israeli scientists, although going in the right direction, are not pervoprohodchikami. Back in 2009, the South American Institute of Berkeley, under the auspices of the agency DARPA has been "tamed" the elephant beetle (Megasoma elephas). On the back (on the prothorax) beetle found a microcontroller with integrated BATTERY, receiver, decoder, signals and electrode system. As a result, the beetle was flying exactly because their minds scientists. The possibility of independent travel, he did not lose. According to unconfirmed disk imaging, in the true time Institute of Berkeley are working on improving the greatest flight duration beetle. It seems that Americans have mastered the principle, but it is not seeking to adapt it to practical use and simply continue the research on the topic.

Yet, there is another reason that neither the creators of the project, no agency DARPA do not try to bring the "radio-controlled insect" to the practice, including military deployment. Insect unable to lift more or less substantial source of current, and available generators are very weak. Therefore fly or beetle scout can pass information from a camera or microphone is only a very short distance. Hardly counterintelligence will not see an enemy spy with remote control, hanging out in the open next to the hidden object. And no reticence insect with the equipment will not help him. It only remains peaceful introduction, for example, in rescue operations. For example, a cockroach with the microcontroller will be able to explore the ruined building and look for survivors. Small radius of the act regarding the remote control in such a situation is not as critical as for espionage.

D. asking Vayskha and G. Rybak, a journalist of the newspaper "Haaretz" and asked the ethical side of things. Indeed, at the moment around the world time From time to time rallies in support of experimental animals, including openly extremist. Israeli scientists have assured that when implanting electrodes insects do not have any nasty feelings. Well, scientists and surgeons are not engaged. But where a huge ethical issue, with a particular approach may be the fact that "innocent animal" begins quite obey the will of man. Against the backdrop of protests against even such a safe thing as taming it all looks quite provocative. With the passage of time, for sure, defenders of animals will direct his attention to the "radio-controlled flies." Well, as long as they do not protest and did not interfere with my work, the Americans and the Israelis are relaxed further research. Maybe in the very distant future of their generation by the interaction of the modulated electrical signals to the muscle system and the need in medicine.

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