Total flying aircraft over parts of Ukraine amounted to eleven thousand hours

During the year, air units performed about seven shifts, that in comparison to the year 2011 more than doubled. Overall flying aircraft parts is higher than eleven thousand hours — said this November 22, 2012 the commander of the Air Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Yuri Baidak.

Total flying aviation parts of Ukraine amounted to over eleven thousand hours

According to him, last year, the total flight time was the least three times, and the average raid a certain crew in comparison with last year also increased almost threefold and reached about 60 hours.

Total average flight crew on the Air Force has increased in comparison with 2011, and is three times higher than 47 hours.

As previously noted by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Dmytro Salamatin, training of flight personnel in the Air Force — one of the priority tasks in the system of combat training of the Armed Forces Ukraine.

Due attention of government and the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Resource combat training aircraft of the Air Force aircraft Ukraine and the measures taken to preserve cooked crews have given positive results.

— Out of decline in battle readiness of aircraft parts, effectively removed the problem of outflow of military aviators from the ranks of the Air Force. According to the analysis of the level of training Aircraft parts we can safely talk about the fact that in the calculation of combat aviation brigades increasing number of both cooked and combat-ready crews — identified by Lieutenant-General Yuri Baidak.

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