Traces of ancient civilizations

Security officers searched for traces of ancient civilizations in the North, in the Crimea and in Tibet

"Today", 13.07.2002, Kiev, 153

In a strange sound in the twentieth century, in the heyday of scientific and technological revolution, with state security agencies were created whole departments to find traces of extraterrestrial civilizations. And where? In the Soviet Union, the country of victorious atheism. Interestingly, these searches have been actively involved in people with Ukrainian roots: the scientist and the security officer Alexander Hleb Barchenko Boki. What are they trying to find and unravel the mysteries of what?

Fantastic fiction fate Barchenko

Future scientist-adventurer and science fiction writer Alexander Barchenko before the October Revolution of 1917 he graduated from the classical school in St. Petersburg, studied at the medical faculties at the Kazan and Yuriev (Tartu) University. For a time he served in the Ministry of Finance and then became a writer. He also studied palmistry, telepathy and parapsychology. His works have come to the attention of the security officers and interested Felix Dzerzhinsky. Barchenko came to the robot in a special department of the OGPU, who led the old Bolshevik, one of the founders of the Gulag, Gleb Boki. Barchenko allocated to research a huge sum in those days, he received the new authorities carte blanche for unlimited access to the archives and any information.
Under the patronage of the state security organs Alexander Barchenko looking for tracks … ancient civilizations. It's no joke to say — atheist Bolsheviks believed in a pseudo-scientific ideas. Or all the same research? Alexander dealt with problems of history of humanity, universal search "space" highly developed mind. It is possible that Barchenko could come into contact with some secret knowledge sources from which drew their facts. He had his own concept of the development of world civilization. Barchenko believed that mankind originated in the North, where reigned the Golden Age. There have been favorable climatic conditions. But somewhere 9-12 thousand years ago, everything changed. There was a cosmic cataclysm that caused the floods. Then there was a mass exodus of the Aryan (Indo-European ancestors of the present) from the areas adjacent to the Kola Peninsula to the South. Since ancient lost civilization.
The search for the secrets of the past resulted Barchenko (as well as for his "boss" Gleb Bokii) tragically. They both stood at the head of the Masonic organization "United Brotherhood of labor" created after the October revolution. This organization includes in its membership many members of the Bolshevik Party, security officers and civil servants. It is clear that such "red" bed perceived as counter-revolutionary. In May 1937, Alexander Barchenko was arrested. He was accused of espionage and terrorism. But with the shooting enkavedeshniki not in a hurry. Almost a year was under investigation. Barchenko given the opportunity to put down on paper all the results of his search. When arrested, he had seized and destroyed after the verdict all the books, manuscripts, and his major work, "Introduction to the methodology of experimental interventions energy field." Only 25 April 1938 the scientist was sentenced to death and within 15 minutes after the verdict was shot.
The very thing Barchenko strangely disappeared. Therefore, when the question of his rehabilitation, relatives had to "work hard", proving the innocence of Alexander Vasilyevich. In the end he was exonerated for lack of evidence.

Expedition in search of Hyperborea

But back in 1918 the first year. The apartment of Alexander Barchenko a surprise visit raided the future ideologue "Eurasian Movement" Lion Karsavin (he was later arrested, too) and a young security officer James Blyumkin. The visitors chose to visit on purpose. While Barchenko was already known for its magical experiments and fantastic books. What they said — a mystery, but Alexander Vasilyevich had to "fall in love" Soviet power.
In the 20s he was listed as an employee of the Scientific and Technical Branch of the All-Union Council of National Economy, headed by himself "Iron" Felix said. But in doing household Barchenko not engaged. He gave lectures on the occult for security officers in the Lubyanka. Besides Alexander organized expeditions to areas where there was abnormal phenomena — in search of the secrets of influence on the human psyche.
The first expedition was equipped in 1921 on the Kola Peninsula. Barchenko believed that the ancient inhabitants of these places, the Hyperboreans, were able to split the atomic nucleus using nuclear energy, opened the airspace and built the first aircraft. Only bearers of the memory of the ancient people were, according to the scientist, security officer, Sami shamans who lived in the Kola Peninsula. Information on the possible whereabouts of Hyperborea Barchenko gathered from various Masonic sources in Russia and abroad.
The expedition was organized as a task of the Institute for the study of the brain, and he had a mandate Barchenko signed by Academician spondylitis. Alexander was adamant that he had found evidence of the existence of Hyperborea. He allegedly discovered a mysterious hole under the ground. The locals were afraid of this place, and rarely was a daredevil who would be coming down the manhole down. Barchenko tried and concluded that he felt himself on the opposition mystical powers. In 1922, in the vicinity of the Sami Saydozera Barchenko found … ancient pyramids. This place was used for ritual purposes Sami. The fact that the middle of the taiga could be a pyramid, caused a sensation.

In search of Shambhala

A "blue" dream Barchenko Alexander was a trip to Tibet. Scientist believe that it is there (and in Afghanistan) are centers of intellectual culture that scientific knowledge preserved remains of prehistoric eras. This dream did not come true. Barchenko crossed the road no less a person than as a person who had drawn the scientist to the bodies of the OGPU — Jacob Blyumkin.
For a special operation in Tibet Alexander did not come: he was a scientist, not a spy. Blyumkin also had a very large experience in subversive activities in the East. By the way, with the idea of organizing the expedition to Tibet and India made Gleb Boki. The aim of the expedition was to establish contacts with the spiritual masters of the East. The trip was preparing a special privacy and lead it had exactly Barchenko. But what happened is wrong. Jacob Blyumkin, dressed Mongolian lama entered in remote areas of Tibet and tried to join the Nicholas Roerich. But, as is clear from the research of the Moscow journalist Alexander Shalneva, who worked with the archives of the OGPU, it did not work.
The task Barchenko was somewhat different. It will explore Tibet and to convey the message to the lamas with a call to pass under the auspices of the Soviet government. But in the end the expedition was thwarted. In her frustration was more interested parties.
First, in the case of the success of the expedition Gleb Boki could seriously climb the career ladder. And many did not like it. The fact that the "mystical" department of the OGPU was engaged also "wiretapping" conversations of party leaders, as well as internal espionage. We Bokii was top secret "Black Book", which was built up dirt on so many party members. Undivided prevent such a person would be a big mistake.
Second, at about the same time paved track on Tibet Germans. Professor Karl Haushofer, who later became one of the leaders of "Thule Society," a mystical organization, which inc
luded many leaders of Nazism, with almost similar order also visited Tibet. For the Germans, Russian expedition was highly undesirable. It is interesting that in the 30 years of the Occult Bureau of the SS "Ahnenerbe" organized by lamas several expeditions. Occultists believed that whoever owns Tibet, "the heart of the world", he owns and the world.
In general, from the backroom Bokii was leaked. The fact that Alexander Barchenko was a Mason. Before the revolution, he allegedly belonged to a lodge Rosicrucians. This lodge has been quite diversified in their composition. It consisted of people who looked for the answer to the mystery of being and odious personality (for example, the founder of modern Satanism Aleister Crowley called himself only as "The Beast of the Apocalypse"). Many of the Rosicrucians "smoothly" poured into the upper echelons of the Nazi regime in Germany. Perhaps it was someone from such unscrupulous former friends he Barchenko something vzboltnul. There is another version — in the 20 years between the USSR and Germany developed very close cooperation in the military sphere, and therefore flourished espionage. Get information about the expedition to Tibet for a good spy was only a matter of technique.

Fighting secrets

The first victim of attack on the occult and his "heroes" in the Soviet Union became Jacob Blyumkin. For contacts with Leon Trotsky in his 1929 shot. Special Force Gleb Bokii for some time continued to operate successfully, but the sword has already been entered. In 1926, under the personal direction of Dzerzhinsky Barchenko organized an expedition to the Crimea. The purpose of the Crimean trip scientists have been searching for the entrance to the ancient city of abandoned civilizations.
In 1927, faced with Barchenko hermit of the Kostroma deaf forests Mikhail Kruglov. Anyone under the guise of a holy fool, penetrated to Moscow and met with Alexander Vasilyevich. Kruglov preached on the areas for which he has repeatedly referred to the madhouse. The story of the Kostroma recluse, and his command of ancient writing skills, Barchenko convinced that the tradition of lost civilizations are stored in the Russian outback. And after 2 years Barchenko undertook an expedition to the Altai, which also recorded a lot of anomalies.
The scientist himself did not rule out the possibility paleocontacts between drevnechelovecheskoy and extraterrestrial civilizations. On the Kola Peninsula Barchenko looking stone from Orion (a mysterious stone Grail sought and praised by many representatives of the secret societies). This stone supposedly had the ability to store and transfer at any distance psychic energy, to ensure contact with the cosmic substance. Barchenko actively engaged in the study of supernatural possibilities of man, he had the gift of hypnosis and telekinesis. But it all to him, did not help.
In May 1937, he was arrested Boki (it was shot in November of the same year). Gleb Ivanovich was "a man of Lenin," that is representative of the "old guard." For Stalin, who is also not alien to the mystical secrets (even in the years of study at Tbilisi Stalin was familiar with the same George Gurdjieff, and in his seminary course taught bio-energy), the development of the special department Gleb Bokii presented seems pretty dangerous. Sam "leader" had unrivaled influence on the people, and not a layman, which is easy to cheat. Special Branch was abolished secret research materials were seized, and soon disappeared.
30's have launched a new round of repression. Shot survivors Trotskyists "traitors and spies" and … Masons. The fact that during the years of Soviet power in the Bolshevik Russia "terry" color bloom various secret orders and lodges, now no longer a mystery. Many researchers have advocated the idea that the "green" light Masons in the USSR was given a reason. Thus the Soviet secret service had an opportunity to disclose all contacts between the lodges with their counterparts abroad, and at the same time to get the secret channels of information. Repression against the Masons in the Soviet Union were quite strong, "cleansing" affected even the highest echelons of power.
It should be noted that the elimination of Barchenko Bokii and played into the hands of the Nazis. They have a monopoly in the practical use of occult knowledge in Europe. But most importantly, in the person of Alexander Barchenko country lost albeit a little adventurous, but very talented scientist who has knowledge that could be needed, because the war was nearing, and his studies of the effect on the human psyche were undoubtedly very valuable …

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