Trains delayed due to rains in western Kazakhstan


ASTANA, August 20 — RIA Novosti. Five-passenger and seven freight trains were stopped in the desert due to heavy rains in the Mangistau region in western Kazakhstan, about two thousand passengers were evacuated by bus to the nearest train station, said on Saturday the press service of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"In the segment of railway track between 14 and 15 sidings at the station because of the risk Shetpe travel on Friday night suspended the movement of two passenger trains: number 38 Astana — Mangyshlak number 310 Aktobe — Mangyshlak station" Mangyshlak "evacuated 170 passengers on six buses. The other passengers got before passing transport, "- said the MOE issued Saturday.

In addition, according to the ministry, at the station "Mangyshlak" detained three passenger trains: No. 37 Mangyshlak — Astana (1000 176 passengers), number 360 Mangyshlak — Aktobe (580 passengers), number 313 Mangyshlak — Atyrau (769 passengers) and seven freight trains. Passenger train number 37, and 360 were taken by 22 buses to the station "Mangyshlak." On Saturday, the morning train number 37 Mangyshlak — Astana sent the passengers in the opposite direction.

"At 7.20 (5.20 MSK) by railway resumed in all directions with a speed limit at the site up to 5 miles per hour," — said the MOE.

Heavy rains also podtopilo local roads Aktau — Shetpe and Aktau — Kalamkas. After the repair work of the road open for vehicles.

In emergency response involved 88 people and about thirty pieces of equipment, including the recovery train.

Source: RIA Novosti

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