Tremors in the north of St. Petersburg


26.02.11.Chitateli "Fontanka" report unexplained shocks that occur in the north of the city in the evening. For the last three days we have already received several such letters.

The first came late in the evening of February 24. Petersburger Roman reported that on the outskirts of St. Petersburg — in Devyatkino and Murino — felt tremors.

"From 20-30 to 22-46 rocked at least four times. Feeling very bad, "- said in the letter.

This message could be seen as an accident or a figment of the imagination of the reader, but the evening of February 25 to the editor received a similar complaint. In 21-55 Eugene reader reported:

"About an hour ago, residents of the street Poor Damian was thrilled weird jolts that shook the house so that the cabinets of flying things. Tremors were repeated several times. At the same time a strange rumbling was heard on the prospect of the Enlightenment. Sound was like the sound of the explosion and was repeated several times. "

Perplexed letter came to the post office "Fontanka" today, February 26. And its author, Sergei, says that the phenomenon from which rocks the house, going for the past two weeks. Again, we are talking about the north of the city — a roadside mall:

"Before swinging is something like an explosion: heard a rumble, and swinging chandelier, — describes the situation from St. Petersburg. — Yesterday, February 25, after 21 hours of swinging was five. "

Readers nominate their version of events. According to them, the MOE explains: Vsevolozhsk destroy munitions at the site.

Added that the "Fontanka" could not confirm nor the fact of aftershocks, nor his relationship to the actions of the military.

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