Tremors. Kuzbass shake the strange tremors

Bachatsky coal mine.  Photo: Rvetal / Wikipedia

Bachatsky coal mine. Photo: Rvetal / Wikipedia

March 13, 2013. Kuzbass residents faced with an unusual phenomenon: the atypical aftershocks rocked the region, and under the earth hear strange noises. Over the past year, such an anomaly recorded three times. Problem closely by scientists, joined them the best specialists MOE, but the puzzle is not yet solved.

March 5, 2013 in Kuzbass quake occurred. His power, according to various sources, ranged from 3.2 to 3.8 on the Richter scale.

Kuzbass … seismic recorded near the village Bachatsky seismic events, which were classified as pre-industrial explosion. His strength was 3.2 on the Richter scale. However, according to coal miners, no blasting at that time near the village of Bachatsky not made.

From the site of administration of the Kemerovo region

Now the earthquake — the most discussed topic in the region: in offices and shops, in the courts and in social networks. The fact is that this is not the first time that occur in unusual phenomena.



February 9, 2012 at 20:25 in the central part of Kuzbass had a strange tremor. It felt residents of several villages. The apartments are located on the lower floors, jumped sofas. On the upper rocked so that the residents fled into the street and spent the night in the cold. Geophysical Survey SB RAS showed it was a push of magnitude 3.7 and very similar to the industrial explosion. However, as it turned out, blasting was not there. Six months later, August 5, 2012, novokuznechanin Roman Ovchinnikov was awakened by a strange sound that recorded on film. "We woke up at night from the strong monotonous hum. It's really scary … decided to record on camera and share. In the web mass of such records from different corners of the Earth. Now, as they say, and we … what could it be? Changing the Earth's poles? .. Aliens? .. New weapons? .. "

The recent earthquake was less lengthy, but still very noticeable.

and gaps in the center tryasanulo powerful, but very fast in past similar cases was longer.

Kabizdox, comment on

I myself am one push, March 5, overslept. Woke me up call from a veteran MIA at a quarter to one in the morning. He asked, "What is going on? Everything in the house just rocked! "

Vladimir Golubnichy, belovchanin, SmartNews

This time the push was not so noticeable and scary — it's the opinion of many. Here's a year ago, when the first quake, standing water in buckets — she spilled. What was it again? .. Everything is still unclear. Industrial explosion at coal mine in a time of day is impossible. As our head, and he is a former miner, this idea — to blasting in the context of the night — no one even mad head can not come. In addition to blasting should take as many endorsements … So this version — the industrial explosion — completely swept aside … And scientists keep saying that it was not an earthquake again. Although the animals reacted to the push, as it usually happens before earthquakes. Neighbors told: woke up on March 5 in front of a push because their dog suddenly began to worry about, barking. And in the same family all woke screamed parrot in a cage.

Tatiana Leushina, administration officials Belovo, SmartNews

To understand the causes of strange tremors, the authorities have collected a lot of advice Kuzbass coal miners and scientists, including Geophysics, "listening" and studying earthquake in Siberia. And invited Yuri Volkov, head of the center "Antistikhia" Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. The Commission in this format Bachatskom visited the coal mine (vast industrial crater depth of 450 m). Then specialists held a meeting at which discussed the nature of the unusual phenomenon and decide how to protect the inhabitants of the area.

People in the region are waiting for the verdict of scientists with stress. For many, this "earth tremor" has been replaced by nervous tremor. People still remember the stories about grandmothers worst earthquakes in the Kuzbass region — in 1898 and 1903.

Kuznetsk, June 7, 1898, 12:00 pm 28 minutes. The heat, the dust. First officials have reached out to their homes for dinner. The sudden jolt shook the marketplace, heard a terrible noise and crackle. Above one of the stores collapsed stone pediment collapsed several pipes in homes. Horror gripped the residents. It seemed like the entire population of Kuznetsk in a few moments popped up on the street. Crazed with fear rushed people, not knowing where to run. Animals also possessed panic distraught couple of horses with the crew raced down the street …

Tolmachev, from the notes, "Kuznetsk Worker"



Geophysical Survey SB RAS refers to the Kemerovo region earthquake-prone regions. Here about once every 70 years is predicted devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 6. For a densely populated industrial Kuzbass, where he lives about 2.7 million people, the consequences could be disastrous. In addition, after two major earthquakes in Siberia (Tuva December 27, 2011 and February 26, 2012), with magnitudes of 6.7 and 6.8, where it was a miracle there were no casualties, scientists await the next earthquake in another area. As one of the alleged "hot spots" seen it Kuzbass.

However, not all experts are prone to pessimistic forecasts. Paradoxically, mines and coal mines, burrowing deep into the earth, just rescued from the Kuzbass devastating disaster, they say.



Victor Seleznev, director of the Geophysical Survey SB RAS, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences:

— According to seismic zoning map in the Kuzbass might be an earthquake with a magnitude of 6, with the index shaking up 8 points. Long-term forecast, which is done with great precision, the law of seismic recurrence following a major earthquake in the Kuzbass region should have happened 40 years ago. But it is not, no, no! This is a phenomenon! That is, a strong earthquake in the Kuzbass was not for more than 100 years. And the reason is that in the Kuzbass large anthropogenic impact. Blasting in the mines, thus there is a lot of micro earthquakes, while there is a constant discharge of the stress state of the Earth's crust … But recent events (impact on Bachatskom) again showed that for the micro-earthquakes coal miners also need to follow. The first push in the past year, I still think man-made earthquake, it is a natural earthquake, triggered by blasting. And I think that the second push, March 5, 2013, in the study will be of the same kind. So I said many times and I continue to say that the Kuzbass to adopt a legal document that, when opening new mines and pits them necessarily supplied to seismic sensors. This will help to keep your finger on the pulse.

According to geophysicists, a year ago, after the first push on Bachatskom, the government asked the Kuzbass coal miners and scientists deliver (for the first time in the region) in this coal mine 20 seismic sensors that fixing micro-earthquakes, and helped to get closer to understanding the nature of the shock.

— We Used stations there 20 a month, that's all. The cut ordered us to work all month. A station have to stand there all the time. Price question — less than a million per month. Stations need Kuzbass, primarily by coal enterprises to understand what is happening and how to work on.

By the way, the so-called "hell sounds" coming from the ground and recorded in the Kuzbass, the scientists also found the explanation.

The tectonic plates of our earth's crust are moving all the time. They move slowly. Probably, in their motion, and there is the sound. But to hear it, we need additional conditions. For example, the imposition of tectonic plates, superimposing them on each other. Since the plate misaligned, friction occurs, just as the bow moves along the string. Friction creates sound. And if there is a cavity in the earth's crust (mine), it acts as a resonator of the violin and amplifies the sound. This sound, frightening, and sometimes people can hear.

Gennady Zaitsev, PhD, professor of Kuzbass, SmartNews

However, the people of the region their versions, one with the same versions of the experts, while others — more than far from scientific.

Source: SmartNews

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