Tuna endangered


8.07.11.Po According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), will present the new Red List of threatened species, most species of tuna are in urgent need of protection.

Five of the eight species of fish are now extinct or will acquire about this status, the agency France Press.

Southern bluefin tuna is almost gone, and hope for the restoration of its population is very small. As a result, given the status of mind is on the verge of extinction. Atlantic bluefin tuna, southern and northern populations is significantly depleted by uncontrolled fishing, also officially recognized as endangered.

Other types of tuna are under intense pressure from high-tech factory ships that ply international waters in search of rare fish, including bigeye (bycheglaz) classified as vulnerable, and yellowfin and albacore. The latter two species have a status almost endangered, as well as striped marlin. A makayra, white marlin and blue marlin are classified as vulnerable.

Over the past half century the population of about 90% of the species of large fish were depleted due to commercial fishing. Marine biologists warn that if the fishing will continue to be conducted by such magnitude and rate reductions of many species will become irreversible. Speaking exclusively to the tuna, the most effective way to avoid the collapse of a termination of his catch as long as stocks of this species is not restored to normal levels.


Source: Round the world

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