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Spouses Leboeuf spent Sunday at his grandfather Mrs. Leboeuf in Chabeuil (Drôme). At noon on September 26, 1954, Mrs. Leboeuf the dog into the woods near the cemetery to collect mushrooms. At the cemetery, there were a few people.

Mr. Leboeuf was at a distance of about a hundred yards from his wife. Shortly after 16 hours the dog began to bark and howl terribly. The woman looked around and saw that the dog is on the border of a wheat field in front of a scarecrow. Coming closer, she saw that the "bogey" like a diving suit made of translucent plastic, an increase of about 90 cm, with a translucent helmet.

Suddenly, she realized that there is something inside of the suit, and saw it through the helmet at her eyes look bigger than a human. The moment when she realized it, the suit began to move toward her fast waddling gait.

Up to this point, Mrs. Leboeuf was just a little surprised, because not imagine what he sees something unusual, but the rapid movement of a translucent suit was thrilled her. In fear, she dropped to her knees and cried. Trying to hide, she crawled into a nearby bush, then turned around, but nothing-not a conventional saw. The dog continued to howl, and all the dogs of the village joined it.

Suddenly, a large metal object, round and rather flat, rose from the trees are nearby and began to move over wheat field at low speed. In this case, could be heard whistling sound moderate. The object crossed the wheat field, climbed a bit higher, then suddenly turned and walked at an alarming rate in the north-east, gradually gaining altitude.

Upon hearing the howling of dogs, screaming in terror of his wife and peculiar whistle, Mr. Leboeuf ran to his wife. There also ran the people who were at the cemetery. Later, they said that they, too, have heard these sounds. Dog howling stopped. Soon the scene was the whole village.

At the point where the aircraft climbed, they found broken branches and leaves, torn within 3-3.5 m on a single acacia tree, is on the edge of the circular area, a broken branch hanging over 8 cm thick branch was broken pressure from above . On the other branch, on the edge of the circle, were torn leaves. The first few meters along the direction of the items were marked by polegshey radial directions wheat.

Mrs. Leboeuf was found in a state of nervous shock, it was put to bed, where she stayed for two days in a high fever. The dog shivered with fear for three days. About half an hour after the incident, witnesses Number of Du Sha, which is 65 miles northeast of Shaba seen flying UFO.

The next day, September 27, "close contact" occurred in Premanon (Department of Jura). Here, the only witnesses the event were children. They did not say anything to parents and at 9 pm went to bed, silent and perplexed. In the morning they were also silent. The next day, the teacher observed their behavior and whispers. Suspecting that something terrible had happened, she turned to the older, 12-year-old Raymond Roman.

"Well, I'll tell you about it — he said at last. — Last night we saw a couple of ghosts." And then he said the following.

Playing the night before with his brother and sisters 4 years 8 and 9 years old at the door of the barn, they saw two tiny "ghosts" and 150 m on the lawn of a large ball of fire weakly fluctuating. "Ghosts" was similar to "sugar cubes, split at the bottom."

The teacher asked the other three children. Each of them said the same thing in their own way, describing creatures with other naive comparisons. The teacher knew these children. She quickly made sure that their messages were sincere, and immediately reported to the police.

Officials arrived on September 29. They started interviewing children in turn. There is no contradiction was found. Sincerity messages is not in doubt. The report, compiled by the investigator, is as follows.

It was 8.30 pm. Four children were playing in the barn. It was quite dark and the rain was cold. The farm was located in the mountains, at an altitude of 900 meters Suddenly the dog, who was on the street, was barking. Raymond came out of the barn and almost collided with a kind of education that took the shape of a vertical rectangle that looked like a lump of sugar worth, split from the bottom. The light reflected off of a barn, "sugar" in the strips of rain.

The boy looked at it, they marveled, but was not badly frightened. He grabbed some stones and threw it at him. Stones rebounded with noise, both from the tins. He took a toy gun, and fired an arrow with a rubber tip on this subject, but without effect. Then he went to touch him, but could not do it, because he was upset at the ground as if ice unseen force. Suddenly, he realized that this was something that they do not play it.

He stood up and stepped into the barn with fear. Alarmed brother screaming and frightened by his behavior, Jenny ran out into the street and saw the thing itself, care waddling gait. It is also stepped to another. They stood in confusion and bewilderment, and then, seeing nothing in the street, ran to the farm.

As they fled, the smallest suddenly shouted, "Look!" He pointed to a large glowing red ball, a little hesitant at 150 m from them on the lawn of the farm. They all stopped and looked at him for a moment and ran into the house. They have not cried, and without saying anything to his parents, went to bed.

The fact that the children did not tell their parents, surprised journalists, residents of the city, but not the policeman, not a teacher and not the locals who knew the nature of the inhabitants of the village.

Children were taken to the spot on the lawn, where they saw a red ball. Almost all of the time since then was a rain. However, police found strange footprints in the form of a circle with a diameter of about 3.5 m grass was trampled counterclockwise in the form of vortices. Flowers inside the circle looked compacted, the edge of the circle was clearly expressed. Inside the circle were four holes arranged in a square. This indicated the presence of four subjects triangular cross section 12 cm, entering into the ground under an angle of 45 degrees. On one side of the circle the flagpole, which was stuck this summer, has been damaged. At a height of 1.5 m from the ground with his bark has been removed.

Invited to survey the damage to the expert said that this was done not earlier than two nights ago. At the base of the flagpole, researchers found a double set of tracks that follow the four triangular holes in the round, but elongated, as if something dragged along the ground. Apparently, all these traces were left machine that can land, hit a pole and a little vzborozdila soil lawn before the final stop.

Charles Garreau, who arrived in Premanon a week later, he could still clearly see the tracks, despite the rain and stay on the site of a large number of people. A police officer Captain, priest and parents do not believe that the children lied. Tags are too abstract to children's imagination could provide them. None of the children had not thought about "flying saucers." They talked about the "ghost." Only the eldest son could hear about the "plates", and the word for it meant nothing.

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