Two meter fireball in Mogilev


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15.07.11.Vtornik day turned out to be manifestations of different natural disasters that fell on the heads of residents of Mogilev region.

Flooding occurred more than half a hundred private holdings, the wind swept with hundreds of sheets of slate roofs, generous rain stopped the movement of trolleys and there was a huge fireball …

As we told the chief inspector of the Center awareness and learning at UMCHS Mogilev Olga is not good, in Asipovichy near squally wind lifted into the air with 210 sheets of slate roofs of three objects, which is now under reconstruction. The rain in torrents, rained in Mogilev-thirty until half past five in the afternoon, even stopped traffic routing trolleybuses.

At the intersection of May Day and Timiryazevkoy formed a sea. Sewerage system simply can not cope with the flow of water, it is only one hour 19.4 mm of rain fell at a monthly rate of 74.97. The city formed kilometer "plug." Machine on this intersection, rocked by waves of rain water, and pedestrians could cross the road in a designated place, because there was a sea depth of improvised almost to the knee. Strange, but the water pump started when she was very nearly gone.

In Bobruisk, because of the heavy rain, "rebelled" Bobruyka river, which burst its banks and podtopila 163 backyard and 4 of the road. There, too, was stopped trolley movement. According to Olga is not good, as of the morning of July 13 the river has come on track, but still remain 64 flooded farmstead. The depth of flooding is from 3 to 7 cm in the Mogilev region were de-energized 104 settlements, 29 farm buildings, 289 transformer substations.

On Tuesday morning, residents of the private sector for the 5th lane. Yamnitskomu in Mogilev are rare and very dangerous natural phenomenon — a fireball — Olga Bad, — According to eyewitnesses, a huge ball with a diameter of 2 meters in touch with the TV antenna, and then exploded and split. Then two balls simultaneously rose up and disappeared. Almost immediately flared roof house, over which hovered a fireball. Fortunately, 17-year-old daughter of the owner of dwelling, who was at that time in the house, did not suffer …

Tuesday afternoon, a feat made the two boys from the village Lucice Osipovichi district, saving the life of a drowning man. Biking along the river Mlynky, 16-year-old Misha Duvanov and 11-year-old Misha dress saw a man drowning in the river, and immediately rushed to the rescue. The boys dragged ashore 61 years old would-bather, who was later hospitalized. These rescuers! Well done!

Constantine SOZHEV

Source: Eternal Mogilev

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