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(With the forecasts for the years 1999-2035)


Dear readers! This is the new version of the book, which for the last year has had time to get well known not only in Russia, and this book about Nostradamus and his prophecies. Yeah, about that very medieval seer, the rumor which does not abate over the last several centuries. How many books have been written about it! How many attempts to penetrate the hidden meaning of the prophetic texts was done! How arrogant statements about deciphering the prophecies suffered a complete fiasco! So whether or not to offer you another similar book on this subject? Should I once again urge you to believe the authors? We do not know. However, this book has one small difference from others — it does not require the reader's faith in the competence of the authors. What for? Is not it better to present material so that the reader will able to check all the leads? Finally, in this world there are only two things that can prove or disprove any theory — it's common sense and time, puts everything in its place and screen out husk of the grain. It is with this calculation and this book was written. All calculations can check each, as to the time, much of that from the time of the first transcripts were predicted for the next few years, has already started to come true.

On this page we present some conclusions and predictions for the future of those that have been made in our book, "Decoded Nostradamus", the second edition of which was published in April 1998. Some of these predictions are fulfilled, which not only confirmed the correctness of the transcripts and the rightness of Nostradamus, but also forced to acknowledge the presence in our world, some mysterious intelligent force that knows our future and is able to influence it. At the very least, that this refers to the Power of the prophet, calling it God. It seems that a brief overview of these facts will help to better absorb the essence of the problems that are addressed in this version of the book.

1. The study of the prophetic legacy of Michel Nostradamus us was discovered and thoroughly proven that accurate predictions of global events period four centuries of history, but all submissions relevant to the science and the official religion, the exact knowledge of the future is impossible.

2. Deciphered prophecies contain a number of fully sufficient evidence of their reliability:

a) In the first such evidence are the two encrypted string of dates in which, as we found out, were predicted major events XVII — XXI centuries, including prediction and there was no disclosure of a secret cipher prophecies in 1997. On more than twenty of the predicted ratio of dates come true and unfulfilled predictions made at least 10 to one in favor of vindicated. Easy encryption and decryption strict logic led to a clear conclusion about the accuracy of predictions and to take seriously the events predicted in the future.

b) Based on the transcripts of the prophecies of Nostradamus, made in the period from October 1997 to February 1998 we have published forecasts for the near future, some of which by early 1999 had already come to pass. Prophecies for the future are selected in such a way that allow you to observe their performance in steps in real time. In our opinion, this plan meets Nostradamus, in accordance with this plan, it is this sbyvaemost should have put the last point on the question of loyalty to the truth of the transcripts and predictions. Below, we briefly outline the chain of inter-connectivity of predictions:

Predictions for the years 1998-2035, which have already been fulfilled and which have yet to materialize:

— "Adulterer" and "bloody peacemaker", which from 1998 will "tyrannize Mesopotamia", that is the territory of present-day Iraq. Prophecy fulfilled;

— Specific military action in Iraq, which will become the first cause of the cooling in relations between Russia and America.
The prophecy was fulfilled in December 1998;

— "The Fall of money because of the spirit of the state" in Russia and "the approach of the new ruin." The prophecy was fulfilled in August 1998;

— Instability of power in Russia. Until mid-1999, Yeltsin had to either drastically change course or leave the political scene. The prophecy has come true, although perhaps not everything is finished;

— The gradual deterioration of relations between Russia and America from 1999 to 2002. The prophecy began to occur;

— The growth of the Iraqi crisis and the gradual transfer of combat operations in other countries. Alas, by the time of this writing, it Prophecy is also beginning to come true. Let the war in Yugoslavia in 1999 apparently is not related to Iraq, but it unleashed the same forces that bombed Iraq. "Bloodthirsty peacemaker" is expanding its activities. However, Iraq has also remind of itself;

— The rise in 1999, some new force of a "new doctrine" designed to stop the war. However, do not expect that this event will be very bright and prominent, the more likely this fact can only be assessed after a few years. We discussed this in detail in the books, but here we want to add that this new doctrine must leave the land of the October upheaval, that is, of our Mother Russia. And this is where there will be people "Who can not win by force of arms, and soothing words".

— In case of failure of conciliatory measures if the policy will remain blind to the terrible prophecies from 1999 to 2002 in the Middle East is not possible use of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, if not, then at least of the chemical), with unfortunate consequences for many neighboring territories. If that happens, it will be practically the signal for the rulers to listen and take seriously the prophecies — the next step will be to stay late. I would like to draw special attention to what this place is no danger of Yugoslavia, not India and Pakistan, namely the Middle East, most likely the same ill-fated Iraq;

— The probability of the start of World War III in the middle of 2002, if the prophecies of Nostradamus will be ignored. The result of the war can be described in words of Nostradamus: "The world is almost obezlyudeet Uni-wound, the deepest in the West." For more on this sad opportunity that will likely be able to pass the very least, we'll talk in the pages of this book. By and large, as it became clear from the transcripts, all the prophecies of Nostradamus are designed to help prevent this nobody wants cataclysm and give us a very good chance to do without the "flood of human blood."

— In case of a successful transition through a critical point in 2002 (and we hope that's the way it will be) on the planet will gradually overcome the humanitarian principles of mutual relations based on simple humane laws, and by 2035 the world will finally establish a new era, comparable with the "golden age." About her the Prophet said: "That would be, has never been so great."
In short, if you do not run into another world war, and that, oddly enough, in many respects depends on all of us, from the ordinary normal people, then all will be well.

3. From the words of Nostradamus to be absolutely certain conclusion that execution of sad prophecy can be stopped at any stage of the process, and it is not in any way be contrary predetermination of the future. The fact is that in the middle of 2002 is predicted not only the Third World War, as a critical point in our history. This is an original examination of humanity, the purpose of which is to avoid war and violence as a method of regulating the relationship, as well as in the simple return of people to the "humane laws."

4. And the last. An established and proven fact Nostradamus precise knowledge not only of future events, but also their relationship forces us to revise our understanding of the nature of space, time and the laws that govern the history and evolution of life on Earth. It seems that the decrypted text indicate the actual existence of some higher intelligent force that Nostradamus named the sole source of his prophecies. If someone confuses some "religious", then nothing can be done — the facts are the facts.

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