«Typhoon-M» — a fighting machine will protect countersabotage newest missile system «Yars»

Connection SRF rearm for a new missile system «Yars» will protect the unique combat anti-sabotage machines (BPDM) «Typhoon-M.» Personnel while mastering the latest technology.
«The first samples of this machine will come in connection SRF to rearm missile system» Yars «later this year. The machine is designed for the protection of combat missile systems, reconnaissance and anti-sabotage and intelligence units of the enemy «- told Argumentam.ru in SRF.
In the period from 19 to 30 August at the Serpukhov branch of the Strategic Missile Forces Military Academy named after Peter Lofty be additional retraining and increasing qualification protection unit commanders and intelligence branch also teachers on the use of anti-sabotage combat vehicle (BPDM) «Typhoon-M.»
Retraining is organized with the help of professionals enterprises developers, said the press service management and disk imaging Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.
Development BPDM made based on the BTR-82, was conducted from 2007 to 2012.
The machine is designed for the protection of combat missile systems, reconnaissance and anti-sabotage and intelligence units of the enemy. BPDM armed complex intelligence tools that provide detection enemy forces and facilities at a range of up to 6 km in all weather day and NIGHT MODE criteria.
In addition, a set of tools from the intelligence BPDM includes drones that will allow to increase the efficiency and reliability of the protection of missile systems. BPDM counterparts in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation does not exist.
«Typhoon-M» — a fighting machine countersabotage
Correspondent of the newspaper «Izvestia» Dmitry Litovkin in his article told about the features of modern military machine. Autoplatforms «Typhoon» shells aerial targets while moving, forcing almost two-meter-fords and accelerates to 100 km / h
LCD touch monitors, onboard information and control systems, clay armor to withstand armor-piercing bullets and falling debris, the ability to move over rough terrain at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour — is the coming future of our military auto technology. All the while she kept secret.
Yet D. Litovkina managed not only to see her, to talk to the developers, and to photograph during a private show at the site of the 21st Research Test Center in suburban Bronnitsi Defense Ministry.
Greenish scrim on the perimeter, the highest trees over his head firmly sheltered from prying eyes exposure of 5 futuristic trucks and jeeps. A new generation of Russian military automotive dubbed «Typhoon». At the same time it is clear to less than about plane fifth generation T-50.
«What is the latest generation of the car? Reporter asked the Director of Strategic Development «Ural» Alexander Vedernikov. — What properties must own car, so it was possible for her so read? «
«Revolutionary moment that the last time the latest car platform fundamentally perceived adopted already in 1961. It was our «Ural», — he explained. And categorically refuses to open a discussion items — Development something hidden.
More talkative techniques were standing at the machine. One of them explained to that the basic requirements for machines — in modular design. Military demand that machine was built by the formula: «modules — a platform — a family.»

Compartment for military

«At one time, the topic title was» Garage «, — explained to D. Litovkina last Head Head Armored Directorate Ministry of Defense Sergey Maev. — Its purpose was complete unification produced by different car manufacturers. Managed to achieve this only in the case of heavy trucks. For example, in a family of KamAZ «Mustang». It is created on one platform, but depending on the task has 2 -, 3 -, 4-axle assembly diagrams. «Typhoon» deeper develops this direction. The vehicles are united engines, cockpit, the other nodes structure. «
According to the designers, all cars have hydropneumatic that are independent suspension, Key-board information systems managers. In the cockpit of the 1st truck «Ural» correspondent managed to see on the dashboard driver LCD touch screen, with which the management board computer.
He holds the key to the operation of all units of the car, also provides the use of weapons installed on the machine. Cars equipped with six levels of protection. Computer is a machine gun cheat angle of the body, it relates to a speed-minded area, chooses clearance, gives a correction to a weapons system. There are so controlled by a new anti-missile system «shell» on the basis of 4-axle chassis of the car «KAMAZ».
«This is the only system in the world, allowing while driving to fire at air targets artillery and missile weapons» — explains the deputy director of the Tula Instrument Yuri Savenkov.
Changed and the principle of the protection of people in the cabin or «inhabited» module. All armored cars on the 6th level. This means that the car body armor protection to withstand armor piercing bullet shot 7.62mm caliber actually in focus, protect from shards nearby unexploded shells and save lives even when hit by a mine capacity of 8 kg. To do this, all vehicles are equipped with special anti-mine seats. Their design firmly fixes the rights and absorbs the energy of the explosion.
Developers as they say, the next requirement is taken into account — throughput and speed of movement over rough terrain. All machines can boost fords 1.75 meters deep — at this point the driver sits on the waist in water, — climb the slopes with an angle greater than 30 degrees, overcome concrete barriers.
Speed, which is now for such class of vehicles is less than 45 kilometers per hour, the latest generation of cars will increase to 100 km. First machines of the latest generation waiting in the army in 2015.

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