Typhoon Muyfa hit the neighborhood of Shanghai. Video


8.08.11.Tayfun "Muyfa" runs through eastern China from south to north. This is the ninth typhoon YTD. East coast of China is dominated by storm.

The first victims of typhoon "Muyfa" became sailors. On Saturday night off the coast of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province barge sank. On board were seven. Six were rescued, search for the missing crew members continues. In addition, the storm caught in the sea near Zhoushan fishing seiners 28 other provinces. They came to the aid of three powerful rescue ship. Now, all ships have been evacuated to safe places.

On Sunday morning, the typhoon hit Shanghai and its surrounding areas. Hurricane winds tore billboards, broke off the wires and caused a fault lights.

Due to bad weather of China Southern Airlines and Air China canceled about 64 flights from the airport "Hongqiao". Thousands of passengers were left in the city. But thanks to the early warning system, the crowds at the airport have been avoided. By evening, flights started to recover.

With the arrival of Typhoon state oceanographic administration PRC announced an "orange", the penultimate level of danger of the sea. According to the forecast, from 7 th to 8 th in the city of Tianjin, coastal provinces of Shandong, Hebei and Liaoning, the water level is expected to rise from 60 to 180 cm

Editor: Li Juanjuan

Source: CNTV 

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