U.S. giant saber-toothed mosquitoes attacking Florida


Phil Kaufman comparing invasive view (Right) Aedes albopictus mosquito with local Psorophora ciliata better known as Gallinipper. University of Florida.

March 12, 2013. The beaches of the popular tourist state in the southeast of America this summer can be very poredet. Moving there a huge flock of mosquitoes the size of a five-ruble coin each.

Pending on Florida mosquitoes 20 times greater than in the size of its conventional counterparts. They are so dangerous that even their larvae feed on small fish and tadpoles. Insects called gallinippery (gallinipper). Especially dangerous is their nose — on the surface it looks like a sword.

Feeling the bite of such a giant as many times greater than the pain after the attack ordinary mosquito. Affected by gallinipperov usually say their skin pierced with a thin blade.

This summer Florida expects a massive invasion of the flying bloodsuckers. Usually this happens after a tropical storm. Just last year, a similar phenomenon has overtaken this state in the form of a hurricane, "Debbie." High levels of humidity and massive sediments are favorable breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

"We advise everyone to wear pants and a robe with long sleeves. But even this may not be enough — because it is a special type of mosquitoes, it would be good to stock up on chemicals to repel insects. Believe me, they bite is very painful. Retrieved on personal experience "- warned the residents of Florida entomologist from the local university Phil Kaufman.

Source: RT

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