U.S. military drones are going to hide at the bottom of the ocean

U.S. military drones are going to hide at the bottom of the ocean 

Promising Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects USA (DARPA) is working on an unusual solution to reduce the cost of shipping and logistics real deployment in conflict zones. Military plan to leave for a day or sea caches the necessary equipment, which when necessary can float to the surface and be used by newcomers.

Emphasizes that it is not about weapons but about the means of communication and intelligence, because these capsules will not pose a danger ecology and violate international conventions.

History of the organization of similar caches is not new. Syzveka army and navy left them in strategic places for the next use. Until now, the U.S. military keep the necessary means to ensure friendly countries in the areas of likely conflict.

Brand new idea is that the sealed capsule may be secretly installed in deep water, and their emergence and deployment will be done automatically by a signal from the headquarters.

The main objects that are meant to keep a day or become drones, which if necessary will be able to fly up in the sky right out of the water. In addition to caches lay tools for rapid deployment of communication networks. Currently, delivery and setup such equipment in some remote parts of the world may take from several weeks to several months.

Large depth should be a guarantee that the secret vault and no one will see will not be able to use its contents (at least, without the owners’ knowledge).

Currently experts at DARPA study experience in the field of telecommunications and laying deep oil exploration. These abilities should require creators underwater caches.

«We want to offer another way to achieve the objectives of delivering the equipment, which is not asking to use ships and aircraft,» — says the manager applets Andy Kuhn (Andy Coon). — Also in this case we do not have to develop technologies for more sophisticated unmanned systems with a huge radius acts. «

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