U.S.: Mysterious explosions recorded throughout the country

February 27, 2013. city of Basti, New York City Police say a blast, made a splash in the District Chatokva in January, was produced with the help of a legal explosive mixture called Tannerite.

On Sunday, January 13th from approximately 6:15 pm dispatch service district Chatokva was literally inundated with calls reporting a loud "boom". Residents called 911 to report the unusual sound. Some said of him shook their homes. This event definitely made locals nervous.

Calls received from all over the south of the county.

That same night, the residents of Jamestown, Lakewood, Basti, Kennedy Delevana, Asheville and other cities staged on page 4 News Facebook are discussed in a low rumble, which they described as "thunder", "cannon firing" and "explosion. "

The next day, the police department Basti/ Lakewood has offered an official explanation.

"The blast occurred on the road in the town of Lawson Road Basti. A citizen found a charge of just over 8 pounds mix Tannerite in target shooting, "- explained Sergeant Paul Gustafson, who spoke personally with twenty culprit of the explosion.

Tannerite — is a registered trademark of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. By mixing these components become explosive.

The sound was strong enough to shake buildings in the south of the county Chatokva and even in northern Pennsylvania. People have heard and felt the explosion in a radius of about 50 kilometers. "The incredible luck that no one was seriously hurt and killed," — said Sergeant Gustafson.

Twenty-year man has never been brought to trial and did not violate the law. With the exception of the potential hazard, the mixture Tannerite perfectly legal.

According to the official website Tannerite, this mixture unique, as it maintains a stable state as long as it does not get shot. Even after mixing substances will not explode if the mixture just to hit, throw or subject to high temperature and open flame. The only time it could explode — if you shoot it, for example, from rifles modified for enhanced cartridge, usually .223 or more.

Ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder can be purchased at almost any sporting goods store and online. This mixture is marked as being intended for target shooting and usually comes in the packaging of 0.5 / 1 kg.

Amount of the mixture, which can acquire one person is not limited.

The police chief was Ernest Evans MASALLY familiar with this mixture. According to him, even a half-odnokilogrammovy charge explodes "pretty loud."

"If you use it carefully, there is no problem — explained MASALLY. — But people are beginning to add another 10, 20, 100 pounds — and then it really is dangerous. That's when you blast and hear and feel. "

As part of our investigation, we contacted the Office for Control of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, to demonstrate how powerful can be Tannerite.

For the explosion that we produced (see video), used only 1.8 kg Tannerite. We could not reproduce the explosion in the town of Basti, which used 4.5 times more material, simply because agents of the Office said that it's just not safe.

8.3 kg Tannerite produces an explosion comparable to 0.56 kg B-four (C-4, Composition C-4). C-4 — this is the standard Army explosives.

8.3 kg of a mixture of Tannerite, blown-in Basti, "definitely will create a crater in the ground. The explosion will destroy the tree, if the charge primotat to him — as it was done. This charge causes a strong sonic boom and burst. Even a ball of fire. "

The video explosion in Basti done on the phone, just seen a ball.

A mixture of Tannerite subject to the same laws as the rest of explosives allowed to be used for sporting purposes. Currently, their use is not regulated, but could be in the future.

Police chief MASALLY said that such an explosion occurred in the town of Evans in the south of Erie County on Friday, January 18.

"At about 4:23 we started getting calls with complaints of loud noise. Some of the callers described it as an explosion. Some like the "boom", — said MASALLY.

"We have a person who deals with explosives. We called him. We called two other people who are dealing with a mixture of Tannerite. None of them did that day did not do. "

"We have one man, who performs work for the people who own gas wells in the area. When he checks the well, he went on his quad bike. That day, he went back and checked the record, nothing unusual happened. No hydraulic fracturing that could cause such a noise. "

Working at Town Hall heard this noise. One of them said that the sound was like a drop in a large metal tank for debris.

According to records of calls to 911 and the negotiation of a police walkie-talkies, MASALLY transferred to News 4, develops a mysterious painting.

"Evans, 911 service that happened to you?" — The question dispatcher man replies: "Yeah, hi. Yes, we are, in fact, do not know. There's something so loudly blurted. The sound was as if behind our house. "

"We have also heard it here, at Town Hall, but no idea what it was," — says the manager.

At this caller responds with disbelief: "Oh, really? You heard it too? "

"Tell me, have you heard this noise? — Asks the woman. — Loud explosion? I do not see anything. It scares me to tremble. "

"We heard firing for some time, and that's just a huge explosion — said the other woman. — From him the whole house shook. "

This phenomenon occurs not only in the west of the State of New York. People across the country can hear and feel the mysterious loud explosions.

Explosions in Clintonville, Wisconsin, hit the headlines across the country in March 2012.

Linda Moulton Howe, a research reporter EarthFiles.com, a leading and independent investigation to Premiere Radio Networks, began investigating the bombings in 2011. On October 17, 2012 Howe recorded explosions in 25 different regions of the United States, from Massachusetts to Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Arizona, Utah, California and other states.

Howe told Rachel Kingston from News 4 that people have described the bombings as "what shakes the house, windows, felt feet and hands at his feet. Many reports mention that something falls from the sky, which is strange. "

Some of these explosions are accompanied by bright flashes of light.

According to Dr. Mark Kaestner, director of the Brown-Raddikskoy seismic station at Kaniziyskom college, "boom" may be related to various causes, such as earthquakes, explosions in mines, directed bursts of buildings, or a sonic boom, which appears when you move the aircraft at supersonic speed .

Seismographs can record clear evidence that these vibrations. However, at the same time, they almost always write down what Kastner called "seismic noise".

"When the wind picks up, it causes the trees to sway and the building, and it causes a vibration in the ground," — said Dr. Kastner.

In ideal conditions, this "evidence" of earthquakes, sonic booms and explosions can be differentiated. But this is not easy.

"If, for example, is a windy day, and it will happen in small earthquake, it will be difficult to distinguish between them", — explained Kaestner.

More and more people are beginning to wonder what causes these explosions? Is the case in the west of the State of New York part of something bigger, as yet unknown, even to law enforcement authorities and scientists? So far, these questions have no answers.

"We checked the flight schedule. At the specified time in the area was not in any aircraft — major said Andrea Pitrozela, Officer Public Relations 914o th Air Transport Wing at the Air Force Reserve base in Niagara Falls.

"There were no earthquakes, no collapse of the mine, there was not even explosions in a career", — concluded Kastner.

"We can not give any plausible explanation for this noise" — echoes MASALLY.

Howe quoted Ph.D., physicist Jeffrey Brown of the University of Evansville, Indiana: "Geologists say that the reason is not in the ground. Air Force — which is not from the sky. Astronomers — which is not from outer space. So, the options we have not a lot. "

Translation: Anastasia Antoshkina
Source: WIVB News 4

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