UAV-invisible death

UAV-invisible death 

World market drones is on the rise. But that the impending arms race «drones» will bring to our world?

Every couple of years in the English Farnborough, in the height of summer passes Aerospace Exhibition. Civilian and military delegations customers enter into contracts for the 10-ki billion dollars on buying aircraft. One of the most popular exhibits at the show this year was the exhibition of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Noteworthy that designers and traders prefer not to call their devices «drones.» They believe that once a control scheme is a person, then the device can not be considered absolutely autonomous.

According to the noble consulting agencies, the creation of the UAV is the fastest growing sector in the aerospace industry. Current global sales of around 6.6 billion. dollars a year. It is expected that in 10 years for the year will be sold twice UAV than presently, almost 11.4 billion. bucks. During this period, at air shows in Dubai, Singapore and Paris will be sold for 89 billion drones. bucks.

Increasing UAV market sales to the period when these systems become commonplace supplies not only for the military, and are used in civilian purposes.

The evolution of unmanned aerial vehicles become severe challenge to military theorists. For a relatively small period of these devices have gone from surveillance tools to date tools. Some commanders believe an old general hardening their nekonvetsionnym instrument. Such a point of view, namely, held last Tsar’s navy commander England.

But such doubts do not stop the developers. The main producers of the UAV at the moment are the U.S. and Israel, and the fastest growing market — Asia. Total expenditure on the purchase of UAVs in Asian countries amount to about 700 million dollars by 2016.

Keep up with the «Asian dragons» and the developing countries of Africa. Scarcity of military budgets in connection with a permanent economic crisis pushed the military and political control of many states to purchase drones, and manufacturers offer a choice for every taste and color.

For you can implement strategic and apparatus capable of deadly attack in virtually every part of the globe and small devices and small «Osu». Thus, the Italian manufacturers offer UAV «Sixton», which looks like an iron insect soars vertically and just maneuvering. With all supporting equipment, it weighs around 20 pounds, and the device — a bit Bole kilograms.

Traders and producers in praising the effectiveness of the UAV. Remote liquidation opponent without risk losing their soldier very fun and politicians. Practice liquidation terrorist favorites with long drones already was coined South American control. They put their butts and virtually uncontrolled Pakistan’s tribal areas and in areas of the country is formally sovereign Near East.

But such a method of warfare is abhorrent to many an old military hardening. Already mentioned last Tsar’s fleet commander Admiral West England says: «If you served in the infantry, then you understand how the war looks, if you served on the battleship and beheld, as it breaks into pieces, then also understand how the war looks. All this has an impact on how you think about the war … «. Admiral ship was sunk during the Falklands conflict, and he did not know about the grief ponslyshke losses. West critical of the «strategic corporals» UAV operators who «sit in a bungalow in Nevada and make decisions about the murders.» West believes that these people are «not sufficiently familiarized how bloody and terrible war.» «I’m not convinced of the legality of the use of drones,» adds Admiral. West notes that for the time of his as head of the Navy of Great Britain, and then security advisor in the English Cabinet, unmanned aerial vehicles, in the main used as tools for reconnaissance and surveillance. Only in the last couple of years have seen a dramatic increase in their use as an offensive weapon.

Dr. Noel Sharkey, Head of Department of Computer Science at the Institute of Sheffield and specials in ethics battlefield robotic systems, says that the military more concerned about ethical and legal issues related to UAV than civilian persons in government. Sharkey argues that the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles represent a severe challenge to the existing laws of war.

«There is no transparency in the decision-making process to define goals. Targets have no chance to defend themselves or voluntary surrender. All this does not conform to the laws and customs of war, «says Sharkey.

Sharkey notes that, for example, in Libya, the Obama administration has not received congressional approval for the use of UAVs in accordance with the Law on Military possibility of such a maneuver presidential administration has taken, based on the fact that virtually the terrain of this North African country was not not the 1st South American military.

The doctor adds that at the present time only five states — the U.S., Israel, our homeland, Iran and China — can use drones carrying weapons.

But, he adds, it’s only a matter of time when other countries will begin to equip their army armed drones, and breathtakingly simple that it did not happened so far.

«The next generation of UAVs are already being tested,» says Sharkey «and they will be truly» unmanned «,» he says. Absolutely standalone programmed absolutely ready for what ever the unexpected.

Formal prerequisite for even eliminate human operator — even if he or she is on the other side of the globe, is the fact that the drones are controlled by radio frequency, which can be locked, and the signal can be intercepted. Autonomous drones will no longer have to receive any signal from the people. After take-off, they will follow their own mission to the end.

These new drones will increasingly and more. U.S. Navy at the present time is already testing an unmanned combat aircraft «X47B», built by «Northrop Grumman». This carrier-based fighter can come very expensive to replace the F-35 project.

But what are the ethical and legal safeguards you can program in its working methods fully autonomous cars? «It does not matter that such a machine may seem like only a few years,» says the doctor, «We must begin to talk about the rules right now.»


Article creator — Benjamin Sergeev

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