UFO in the form of a horse in the sky of Israel




34-year-old resident of Afula Itzik Maman told reporters Ynet strange and funny story that happened to him on Thursday morning. As proof that the story Nonfictional, he produced photographs taken with a digital camera. He himself was shocked by what he saw, and still does not know what it was. And since before April 1 is still far, journalists believe his sincerity.

The point, according to Itzik, was so. In the morning he took his daughter to kindergarten and went to work in Nazareth Illit. Because of problems with the machine on steep grades Itzik went a roundabout way — through the Golani junction. And here, not far from Kfar Tavor, he saw an object in the sky.

At first thought it was an advertising balloon — only large and unusual shape. Then he walked up and could not believe my eyes: the sky is clearly hovering horse. And wiping the eye did not help — the more clearly seen Itzik flying object, the more clearly that it was like a horse, and everything else.

Shocked by the driver first drove by, but then decided to go back and shoot his vision of a digital camera that he is always with you. And coming home, immediately began calling friends and acquaintances.

Correspondents «Ynet», found out about this story, asked the local authorities to the issue have been done in this area to any promotional or other actions related to zapuskanie a sky of balloons in the shape of a horse.

Officials gave absolutely negative. A Itzik and his friends now can not sleep until they know: what is it that flew in the skies over Kfar Tavor?


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