UFO visitors near Perm. Continued Part 2

2. They explore the future

Unknown visitors avoided the adult, but to the children exhibited a range of impacts associated with the abnormal phenomena: the classic flying saucer silently swept over the surrounding area, went to the gate and over the forest blaze occurred, transparent and biologically dense substance like "Bigfoot" appeared near the summer camp and on its territory, some went into the chamber of the younger teams. Sometimes the visitors were in the nature of poltergeist, sound and visual. Before mass surveillance at night on July 17 (1989), many of the children for a few minutes at a time headache.
…What was it that attracted strangers baby society? Opportunity to play in a fantastic story — or warn us of something important o is through children, open space manifestations of reasonable force? Or are they showing children through them, our only possible by today's standards, the future is impacted as a result of us?
…Rodik Zav'yalov of the third squad (a fifth grader 120th Perm school) suddenly woke up at night — in the eyes of something shimmered, unseen force lifted his legs straight and placed in the bed … His friend on the force Misha Tregubov (fourth-122-th school) awakened the dead of night — the wall sideways to the window stood a humpback in black. The boy jerked — Humpback turned around, glared … — And disappeared. Pasha immediately wanted to sleep, he felt fear.
In the House of the girls themselves were moving boxes in the lockers, just make fun of invisibility. On an empty playground, as an institution, with the power swing swinging, slammed the heavy metal spinning reels of "running in place."
Company "starsheotryadnikov" returning from the river, once again saw Hunchback. Anyone observing the observers, took a few steps in front and mixed with air. Looks like a visitor but headless, dull white, was seen in the stadium — first turned so Chew disappeared shoulder, and then he disappeared.
Little aliens are mutually touching hands transparent colored house with chimney, moving jumps as large grasshoppers. One entered into a transparent pyramid — first, out of sight, "pyramid", then, when approaching five meters, its little master. Another "kid" in the bell, pounded hard wood and red in the face, as a man. In these days of small transparent creatures seen sitting on the bench early in the morning, met in the woods the whole "family" (four at once) — they have allowed themselves to consider twenty seconds, then got out of visual range. Not once mentioned the children of encounters with the likes of great stability of the observed "Bigfoot." Sasha Elfimov with friends in the same place, at the stadium where walking Humpback discovered a giant monkey, two to three meters in height, she stood among the trees, could be seen on the Kogi large hairy hands. Anton Erohin, 17-1 School third-grader, described his appointment as "broad daylight, in the trees, away Od dining room, there were two hunched brown hairy creature, a large shaggy — two meters thirty satimetrov, smaller — sixty meters, both have red eyes slits. stalwart quickly caught the sparrow net, picked up right there in the dining room, brought it to his mouth — half a sparrow to be invisible, then disappeared Ptakha other half of the poor, there was no blood, heard good champ. "
Settled in the 'Sunshine' fears. Adults comforted children: "Nothing, it seemed to you. This bird, harvesters working at night. Watchman wanders." The boys themselves and forget what he saw. I have twice visited the camp on 22 and 29 July, the day before the end of an amazing change. Talked with the same guys. Ivan Moshkin grimaced and said, "In the morning you wake up — do not remember anything. Remember only that a clear seen." This happened with the other children. But who so promptly and timely informed the children that their stories are strikingly similar to cases that took place in these days of a few tens of kilometers from the "Sunny" or confirmed by the events that took place a few days later. Children often observed unidentified flying machines, being red and a crew of three creatures — a high, flat and two small, as in the Dnipropetrovsk region ("Socialist Industry" reported Ukrainian spring observations July 23 (1989), that is, after the events in "Sunshine"), saw the "giants" and "kids" as in Ose, headless creature, as in those days Chernushka, in the south of the area, in conjunction with sustainable UFO appeared "Bigfoot" as the Pamirs. UFO landing on the ground, these guys at the campsite and its surroundings, dowsing has confirmed the presence of anomalous zones.
In soil at three of them were round dent as if standing at the place to compact three support. Here, "mladsheotryadniki" Arseny Garden and Jura Marmygin seen "plate" with a red top. A little earlier rapidly sweeps over a field pea bright disk watched from the corner of the camp Dima Litvinov. At the time, as I was with the guys hiding from the rain, which began after a strange cross of lightning in the sky, loosely tightened stringy cloudy nacre. "Look, look! — Clinging to a veranda with floor to the roof, they shouted. — At the stadium, above the ladder, the balls". After a few seconds I was from the same spot staring intently into space. "That Hump". "Behold, the eyes of the rings — blue, red!" … I saw nothing. Someone handed: "No, it's branches sway over there …" "Over there" — just for sports facilities. The children began to argue, have seen little glowing balls, or not. I went to the sports rings. Stood by them — has not been! — Put his hand in the ring …

3. Reconstruction of the "dolls"

I estimated the height at which the rings are suspended. If the "eyes" of invisibility really lit up at this level, the very existence would be a little higher than two meters, which is consistent with the assessment of the size of some of the "guests" had seen the guys. And — alas — if the creature came to the same place, I just would have been sharpened within the being. The effect of nesting dolls. Well, to me it did not happen. But who knows what kind of space, "doll" in the bosom of any extraterrestrial intelligent enough invested our earthly society.
You can throw the napkin into a ghost, but put yourself in the place of "ghosts." Mysterious tetradigitate visitors (each arm with two elbows) to the CPC has expressed himself to the guys with gestures, in the morning on July 18 (1989) went on to open the contact. Group brats saw once again at five-foot fence being transparent with red heads and immediately threw an uninvited guest chunks of asphalt. Being given way boys and disappeared into the woods. Ha place "battle" was Arseny (his picture is placed in the last issue of the newspaper with the identikit stranger made the drawings of boys). Then Transparent stepped out of the bushes. At a distance of five meters face to face, eye to eye met the visitor and the little man …
Here is what the next day after the incident itself Arseny Sandu, a third-grader Perm school N 20. "I was wondering — I stayed. Stones did not rush. Then he has appeared already in the camp. On the index finger of his right hand which put a cap, six inches long, pulled himself from somewhere (from the chest?) Gizmo black like a comb. "comb" has become a pumkanem shoot. I ran — under the feet of the black flame light up the grass. "
Then I find other members of emergency, as long as Arsene catch up on that — I was coming boy did not know, and I am the first of the adults questioned him myself. Interested in: "Where there was a guest?" The boy shows. Where there were guys from throwing stones? … All the questions bo
y responds accurately, quickly, built a concrete situation … I walk slowly through the grass, without deviating from the direction in which Arsene escaped. Together with the children gaze at the grass — heard amazing cries direct in "highway" black mark faded narrow leaves.
A little later, in the middle of the day, he came to Arsene.
Says Vadim Ragel, fourth-school No 7, a neighbor in the ward Arsene:
"In the quiet hour to our house went down a creature. Black — he has black legs and hands are black, and the body of a little yellowish and transparent, increasing santimetroz eighty. Arseny It has come to (the boy slept — VD), donned on the index finger of his right hand up in black (length 10 cm, thickness 2.5 cm) and the tube was led by Arsen. Treated him for two minutes. And then made it five steps away from the bed and the door was gone. "
Vadim mentions another fact on the same day. On the playground in the grass boy said transparent, metallic in appearance, shining ball, wanted to raise it — some force pushed his outstretched hand. To take the ball and could not. Where did he go then, no one knows. Where it came from, what for? Earlier, I spoke with Andrew Katyukom of the fifth unit, a third-grader school N132. In his story was concealed connection to find a comrade.
Night — early morning. July 18, 1989 Pioneer Camp "Sunny" Perm Printing Factory Goznaka, New Village, the Perm region. Andrew suggests:
"At night, after the boys Kan told that some aliens came, I could not sleep, afraid. Everyone was asleep and even snored. And I did not sleep much like the bathroom and was afraid to go there alone. Suddenly I heard the window rattled. I thought the tractor. peeked in a few minutes … "
At a height of twelve feet behind a cloud just above the pea field appeared yellow-red circle and began to approach the camp. The playing floor, he fell out of a shiny object. Circle, swaying like a bird's feather, went on the decline. Landed smoothly. It was 4-5 in the morning.
"… I saw the ball sat up, much like a flying saucer.
When he took the form of a plate, the door opened abruptly popped up a ladder with a short sound and stuck to the ground. The staircase and the door was greener on the ladder rolled out three balls, transparent, white, 70 centimeters in diameter. Balls straightened (at other times the boy would say "exploded" — VD) took the form of beings similar to humans. I got scared and hid. I looked out of the window — a plate was already shining, and swing at full power swinging long. Two small transparent (154-160 cm), looking for something.


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