UIC has received more than 24 billion rubles to upgrade production of Iskander-M

UIC has received more than 24 billion rubles for the renewal of production "Iskander-M"

More 24 billion rubles allocated 17 companies to the defense industry to upgrade production facilities for mass production of missile systems "Iskander-M"More companies will invest 16 billion themselves, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

"In the framework of the respective reasoned defense industry development programs from 17 companies allocated more 24 billion rubles for the renovation and construction of production facilities for mass production complexes "Iskander M "- said the Prime Minister at a meeting on the modernization of defense industry companies.

He added that the enterprises will invest an additional 16 billion of equity.

"Iskander-M"- Operational-tactical missile complex, developed in Kolomenskoye of "NPK" MSC. "For the first time," Iskander "was demonstrated in August 1999 at the aerospace show MAKS. Complex designed to hit small and area targets — missile systems, multiple launch rocket systems, long-range artillery, planes and helicopters on the ground, command and communication centers Fri.

"Iskander" is a weapon, able to influence the military-political situation in some parts of the world, if located in their countries do not have an extended area. Questions accommodation complexes "Iskander", as their export supplies are the subject of political consultations between the countries.

For serial production and supply "Iskander-M" is currently being built and reconstructed production capacity 17 core companies. The total volume of serious investment budget and own resources of 40 billion rubles. As of June 31, approved by the specification for the project are 14 companies cooperation. Quest for the design of 3 more companies are terminating their approval and the start of reconstruction and technical re-scheduled for 2014.

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