UK: life on Earth originated from the Moon




Life on Earth would never have arisen if not for the Earth's lifeless satellite, the Moon. This latest theory of the origin of life on Earth belongs to the British biologist Richard Letsu. 4 million years ago, the Moon was much closer to the Earth orbit, and under the influence of its gravity tides of the oceans were much stronger than they are now. This, in turn, contributed to the daily change of the concentration of salt in sea water, which ultimately led to the origin of life, scientists say. If this theory is correct, then at the same time it eliminates the possibility of life on Mars. The fact that the largest moon of Mars, Phobos, is too small to generate tides, even if Mars has or had water that has also not been proved, the newspaper "The Daily Telegraph".

Battery News, 18.03.2004 12:17
Source: PCH

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