UK: unravel the secret of love at first sight!




British artist-portraitist Susie Mellin sure that unraveled the nature of love at first sight. It turns out that the secret to facial features that say about who you like and who can please you.

This theory of the artist began to develop when drawing a portrait of Lady Di. Although they do not look like Prince Charles, they have the same proportions of the face.

But Madonna and Guy Ritchie same smile. There are only three categories of love: the same size parts of the face, like someone close to its second half and just similar.

A striking example: Brad Pitt and his wife, Jennifer Anniston, who have the same eyebrows, the lines of the upper lip, chin, eyelids and oblong.

Battery News, 26.03.2004 12:43
Source: MIGnews

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