Ukrainian production of drugs has increased by 42%

In January this year the production of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations increased by 42.1%. This is stated in the official materials of the State Statistics Committee.

So, in January produced drugs containing penicillin and other antibiotics by 44.2% more than the same period last year. Production of hormones decreased slightly — the output index was 80.5%. Medicines containing alkaloids or derivatives thereof, and containing no hormones or antibiotics, released in January by 39.9% more than in January 2012.

Recall, this year plans to Borshchahivskiy pharmaceuticals plant by 20% to increase the production of medicines

"Because we are not just a manufacturer of medicines, and research and production center, then of course a lot of plans relate exactly the launch of new production lines and scientific developments. All of our workshops where drugs are produced, certified according to GMP. We have set ambitious targets for 2013 — growth of 20%. This year we are planning to introduce 7 new drugs of different pharmacological groups (cardiac, neurological, urological, antimicrobial). We have only one goal, which goes through life with each employee of our plant from year to year — to do everything in order to be healthy Ukrainians, "- said the director of the company Lyudmila Bezpalko

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