Ulyanovsk: Dead birds found city resident

January 2, 2013. January 2nd to the former head of the region Gosekonadzora Constantine Dolinina turned alarmed resident of Ulyanovsk. Woman reported that she had found on the street eight dead wild birds. Death whole bevy seemed suspicious to her, because it could have been a cause of serious disease.

Worry about the state of the ecology of a woman were able to connect with Maxim Korolkov ornithologist, told Dolinin. Ornithologist took the birds. Their study will be given to the vet to find out what led to their deaths. For the results of the study will take a few days.

In the meantime, according to an ornithologist, you can nominate a number of possible causes of the incident. Thus, the birds were found waxwings, and they feed on berries, including ash. Perhaps the birds dare eat berries from trees growing beside the road, and they were poisoned accumulated harmful substances. In addition, the cause of death of the birds could be a fright, for example, from the fireworks, which are now indulging citizens.

We also know that, after eating a lot of cold mountain ash berries, waxwings are from her stiffen and lose mobility. Frozen, they fall from the trees to the ground. If their time find and bring to heat, thaw poultry, as if nothing had happened.

Source: IA "Ulyanovsk city news»

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