UN: World izderzhal in the past year to 1.7 trillion dollars of weapons

UN: World spent last year on armaments $ 1.7 trillionThe costs of weapons in the past year in the world have gained 1.7 trillion dollars, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking at a forum of the highest level in the General Assembly of the global organization on a "culture of peace".

World spends a day almost twice as much on weapons than the UN spends on its global mission of peace, human rights and development for all year. This is a great value for the people who go to bed hungry, and for babies who die from flaws nezapyatannoy drinking water for farmers who can not work the land, as it is littered with landmines. " World intuitively understand that there can be no military solution of conflicts that RESURSS not rich world should be spent on something to help people flourish, not a tool that multiplies the suffering.

According to the secretary general, economists refer to it as "the price of choice," but he personally considers such costs are "immoral", RIA announcements.

In light of the reluctance of the UN to notice the attacks in awkward countries, specifically faster secretary general words are 'immoral'.

From open sources, it follows that once a year the sum of tomorrow grow by 4-5%, and for the last 13 years — by 55%. Greater increase in military spending in the world in absolute terms in the United States.

Declared military budgets in recent years is: U.S. — from $ 580 (2011 year) To $ 630 billion (2008), China — $ 85-90 billion, France — $ 65-70 billion, England — $ 65 billion. In the top twenty list of huge gun manufacturers — companies in the U.S. and Europe. The total sales amount of 100 companies — $ 350 billion.

According to the Stockholm institute SIPRI, there are about 8,400 nuclear warheads, of which two thousand and may be involved immediately.

In total, taking into account the warheads are in storage and be destroyed in the arsenals of eight states — the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan and Israel — there are about 23,300 nuclear bombs.

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