Unexpected snowfall in Tokyo. Video


29.02.12.V Tokyo fell Wednesday on snow, which in this city in general are rare, and this time of year — and even more so. Japanese capital was taken by surprise. In Tokyo, snow, if there are, it is usually in December or January.

[Resident of Tokyo]
"This is something unimaginable. Normally we do not happen to Tokyo so much snow. In fact, it's a little scary. "

Although by the standards of other countries snow cover is very small — only 2 cm — but tokiytsev a real disaster. Snowfall has caused disruptions in the transportation system. Highway of partially overlapping; violated traffic on many Tokyo bridges.

Thousands of people were late for work because of the delay of trains. Some trains behind schedule for a half hour.

As reported by the Japanese media, as of one o'clock local time 117 people were injured in a fall on slippery roads.

[Resident of Tokyo]
"Under your feet all slides, I really scary. I go all the way and try not to fall. "

[Resident of Tokyo]
"Spring snow usually falls gently — like the petals of a flower. But this huge snowfall today — it's something completely different. "


Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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