United Group of the Russian Navy has started to carry out tasks in the Mediterranean Sea

United Group of the Russian Navy to begin the task of the Mediterranean

United mezhflotskaya grouping Russian Navy in the detachment of warships (LMC) of the Northern Fleet (NF) large landing ships "Alexander Otrakovsky", "Jora Victorious", "Kondopoga" and the group of warships of the Baltic Fleet, patrol ships "Yaroslav the Wise" and "Brave" After replenishing supplies in the Alboran Sea (an inland sea of the western Mediterranean) started to perform tasks far hike in the central Mediterranean.

Technical equipment and weapons ships are operating normally. Ships work out a series of training tasks to incur duty air defense and anti-submarine warfare in the near field on the route of the warrant. The crews of the ships of the Navy noted a day at sea, without compromising battle readiness.

Salvage tug Northern Fleet SB-921 tanker and the Baltic Fleet, "Elena" finished performance tasks of ensuring the group and went to places unchanging bases.

The detachment of warships in the Black Sea Fleet huge amphibious ships (BDK) "Caesar Kunikov" and "Nicholas Phylchenkov" by following the entire complex interaction problems with the ships of the Northern and Baltic fleets operating in the zone of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea was pouring zone, and on July 28 arrived in g . Sevastopol.

Troop ships in the huge anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet, "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" Black Sea Fleet tanker "Ivan Bubnov" and the Black Sea fleet tug MB-304 makes tasks campaign in the south-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and on arrival in the area of radio and visual sight mezhflotskoy group will take up the general combat training tasks on the plan of one command.

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