United States: on the moon found the eternal light




On the moon, discovered the "peak of eternal light" — the area in which the sun never sets, the astronomers said. A group led by Ben Rassi of Johns Hopkins University analyzed the images of the lunar poles, made in 1994, the spacecraft "Clementine" and were able to construct a film showing the illumination of different areas of the satellite during the month. At the edge of the 73-kilometer crater Peary discovered four areas where the sun does not go the whole day.

The axis of rotation of the Moon is tilted by 1.5 degrees relative to the plane of Earth's orbit around the sun. As a result, the Moon is ill defined seasons and spectacular lighting poles. Small axial tilt means that the bottom of craters and facing the wall of the poles do not see the sun. But there on the moon surface such that the sun never leave?

It was believed that the moon is not the peak of eternal light (as they are called scientists), although some studies have identified several of the northern territories, which covered 95% of the time. American scientists have shown that there are places and with 100% brightness, at least in the summer moonlight. Perhaps it is in these areas will be based first lunar base.

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