United States: the theory of matter requires a review




Physicists have witnessed a rare event, which is able to get them to reconsider existing theories of subatomic matter. Observe seven trillion decays of particles called kaons, scientists noticed three unusual events where one expected to see. While the physics of the Brookhaven National Laboratory did not know if it was a coincidence or an indication of the need for a more profound theory of matter.

Kaons can decay in several ways. One of them involves the formation of a charge carrier of the pion, a neutrino and antineutrino. Physicists believe that this option is the most interesting because it can tell us about the new phenomena not accounted for in the so-called Standard Model of particle physics. The fact that, according to the Standard Model, this is the outcome may not occur more than once in 13 trillion decays. The novel result suggests that it may be at least about twice as often. Now scientists are very important to find out whether it was an accident, or they are on the verge of an important new discovery.

Battery News, 31/03/2004 18:33
Source: NTR.ru

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