Unsafe Standards

Dangerous "Standards"

Russian Federation is ready for a constructive conversation about the missile defense system in Europe.

The General Staff of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense are working on various options for response that if the talks on the formation of a missile defense system in Europe will bring tribute to the result.

The point of a split in the communion with NATO is the architecture of the proposed continental missile defense. Russian proposal untargeted legally fix the system in the Russian Federation and the other participating countries in developing it until it resonates with NATO representatives.

Nikolai Makarov, chief of the General Staff said that at first union announced the elaboration of missile defense architecture. But at the same time, he has a missile defense system components in Romania and Poland. In his view, creates a memory that has created an alliance missile defense architecture, and it begins to be implemented as part of the U.S. global missile defense. Then, says the general, what kind of anti-missile defense system, again we are talking about? Statements that the European missile defense system will not be any danger of the Russian Federation does not make sense.

Dangerous "Standards"

According with some data system Defense of the United States at the present time includes over 900 missiles of various types. Russian experts at they say that this is quite enough arsenal to fend off any attacks of so-called the Axis of Evil. Coupled with the fact Washington is going in the direction of growth of the forces and means of defense. Experts have concluded that in such a big way the U.S. missile defense arsenal after a certain time may exceed the limitations that define the contract START-3.

According to experts, the main risk to the reliability of Russian strategic shield is the intention to deploy in the U.S. and mainland Europe, the Baltic namely, anti-missile complexes of class "Standard-3" and make gallakticheskuyu infrastructure to support them. In this case, the Yankees there a real chance to destroy the movement line intercontinental ballistic missiles of Russia. Quite clear that prevent this is our homeland can not.

For obvious reasons, all, about retaliatory steps that will take our homeland, the General Staff did not apply. Especially Russian military believes that the ability of the negotiation process has absolutely exhausted. At the current time, still in force offers Russian side on the sectoral approach to the construction of the European missile defense and the collective use of certain military installations.

At a time when President Dmitry Medvedev first time proposed the idea of the construction sector of the European missile defense system, some imagine that we are talking about plans to shoot down Russian Federation fully all the missiles that will fly through the Russian countryside in Eastern and Western Europe, and response duties representatives of the alliance. For the military one, and the second part of this assumption seems to say the least, unnatural. The issue is that any government that has the forces and means of missile defense, would shoot down any missile approaching the borders of their own country without the existing international agreements. No matter what the state system ABM order and build to prevent similar attacks. All the more so impossible to find, is intended to rocket your country or else it flies in transit. Another question, if the missile defense system of different countries are integrated into the overall scheme. In this case, the participants exchanged information on the system identified the rocket launch from the territories of third countries, and produced a general method for the response. In this embodiment, the principles of sectoral responsibility look promising.

This does not mean that any party member state will have two keys — one to the weapon mate, the other to their complexes. Damaging means of destruction as they were, and remain in the upcoming one-man accessories NATO and Russia. In conjunction with that, the views of General Makarov, management of the European missile defense arsenal can be accessed from the 1st single pt.

As the last of the Head Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Force Viktor Esin, NATO could take on the sector in Central and Western Europe, and our homeland — East. Joint contribution to the strengthening of prosperity on the continent will be information from satellites and radar warning systems of the missile attack. In Russia, these complexes have in different parts of the country. So, for example, a radar station near St. Petersburg can track starts tactical and operational-tactical and intercontinental missiles, from Spitsbergen and ending in North Africa.

Dangerous "Standards"

Radars that are located in Armavir and Gabala in Azerbaijan, can be kept under control starts in the south at a distance of up to 6,000 km. In their field of vision covers not only Iran, and a wide area, reaching to the Indian Ocean and Africa.

It is clear that the boundaries of the sectors to be liable only for military maps. At the theoretical level, the incident may appear, when the sky will be profitable in Poland to shoot down another Russian missile complex, and a rocket into Russian border region of antimissile alliance. If you still decide on the joint development of missile defense is accepted, the military on both sides will have to work out and such options.

Our homeland, according to the chief Russian General Staff, is ready to open a discussion and future architecture of the European missile defense system management issues as far as the alliance are ready to open a discussion.

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