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12.07.11.Britanskoe publication The Daily Telegraph placed the scoop on the strange fiery flying object, which saw residents of Cuernavaca, the capital of the Mexican state of Morelos. A similar UFO seen in Greece.

In the city of Cuernavaca, located 89 km from Mexico City, the video was filmed strange fiery object that seemed to be falling down. He was high in the sky, the light, and even, it seems, was on fire.

To view an object that is better, the operator increased the scale of the picture is taken, and a ball of fire with burning wings opened up and he looked like a fiery horseshoe.

This video has been removed on June 29. Uploaded it to YouTube user named Kimdragon1. "I saw the exact same UFO on the same day — June 29 in Greece at 23.00 local time," — wrote one of the visitors to roll.

One version of the mysterious object — a meteorite or space debris. However, many experts refute this opinion. According to them, the flight path of the object slowly. Rather, it looks like the trajectory of a comet or airplane vapor trail that lit up the sunset.

Most scientists are not taken in any way to comment on this phenomenon, writes news.bcm.ru.


Source: DELFI.lv


Uploaded kimdragon1, date: 30.06.2011

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