USA, Arizona: Unexplained crack in the Navajo reservation

March 19, 2013. It is not every day you see people on an Indian reservation Navajo, but crack formed in the ground for a long time and it looks like no one has a clear answer about its origins. Rift is just east of Flagstaff on Luepp Road and approximately one mile west of the gas station Leupp.
Rift has become so large that it was surrounded by a fence.

According to the Geological Survey USA, earthquakes occur periodically in the northern parts of the state Arizona, including land reserve. Earthquakes are not strong enough to building collapsed, but in view of the recent collapse on Highway 89 near Page, locals wondering what else Mother Nature has in store for the vast reserve.

March 18 we turned to the reservation Navajo and the Geological Survey, but they did not have someone who could give us the answer, so that no one could explain what this huge crack in the ground.

Translation: Alex Crete
Source: The Navajo Post

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