USA: forgiveness extends life




"Storage grievances" — stress to the body, and many of the systems at the memory of the experienced troubles come in the "alert": increased levels of stress hormones, heartbeat quickens.

The researchers, led by Dr. Charlotte Van Owen Uitvlayet from Hope College in Holland (Michigan) confirmed that the feelings of anger, hostility and anxiety negatively affect the health of the heart. In addition, such a "constant stress", derived from the fact that people now and then wander back to the traumatic situation, and harmful to the immune system. The man who was not inclined to forgive offenses and humorously refer to silly situations (after all, we all from time to time in them ourselves, is not it?), Largely defenseless against hordes "of infectious agents."

The study's author, Dr. Uitvlet, said in conclusion: "We do not believe that people should ignore the unpleasant incident — and hardly possible. However, it is important that for the first flash of emotion followed by interpretation of what happened. Main thing — to get rid of destructive rage and health burden resentment.

So, forgive offenses — it is useful to everyone and at any time of the year.

Battery News, 22.03.2004 18:15
Source: Expert Center

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