USC makes a fundamentally new corvette

In 2011, the Russian Navy positioned competition the creation of the form new corvette generation. Not so long ago, it became clear that the JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" has started creating prototypes and testing of standard computer models of the last generation Corvette, the source said telegrapher in the General Staff of the Russian Navy.

Meanwhile, reliable data that question specifically about the corvette, which beat the competition there, but according to Captain 1st rank to which the telegraph operator was able to discuss the news, this is a fundamentally new ship, be used stealth technology known as "stealth".

Corvette — A multi-purpose ship, combining the functions inside the rocket and artillery, anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and anti-mine ships.

Some conditions of the competition:

Futuristic view of corvette should be a single platform that can evolve independently from performing the functions listed above. The platform must have contours, significantly reducing its effective area dispersion (implementation of technology «Stealth») and can be implemented as a single hull, or in a multiple-performing (catamaran, trimaran), including with the use of different dynamically supported (by hydrofoil , hovercraft, hovercraft, etc.).

Computer models favorite of the competition:

USC creates a fundamentally new corvette

USC creates a fundamentally new corvette

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