Vampirism is not fiction, but a real fact

All the stories about vampires, is likely to have a reality, otherwise how you could explain the interest shown by these interesting creatures.

Even today, scientists say that vampires really exist. Just a lot of people it's time to forget about the vampires is the devil's spawn. Scientists believe that vampirism is just a manifestation of dangerous diseases — Porphyria. The disease is not fatal, but it is curable. And if you want to buy showers economy class, go to the site

Scientists have successfully completed a series of experiments with the DNA of mice and fish: today congenital porphyria will adjust and be able to treat acquired the newest drugs, which is why today a dangerous disease can easily be stopped at an early stage

A patient who suffers from a form of porphyria is running, very much like a vampire. Today, medicine denies that the mythology had something to do with vampirism, but found two doctors who were able to openly say so. Who in 1963 introduced the distant work, which has been described communication werewolves, vampires and werewolves. As it turned out, the doctors today about this disease know enough, it is believed that this disease can be ill one of the two hundred thousand people.

In medicine, have been described about 100 cases in which the disease the doctors could not cure. Porphyria characterized in that the human body, can not produce red blood cells, which is why there is a shortage of human iron and oxygen in the blood. In the tissues and blood of an infected person is disturbed pigment metabolism, and therefore exposed to UV radiation in the skin begins the breakdown of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is terminated in a substance which begins to eat away at the skin, over time, the skin becomes very and such bursts. The entire body is covered with sores of sick people. Inflammation and ulcers cartilage damage found in the nose and ears, thereby deforming them. That's why sick people become the people we used to see in books and movies.

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