Verified new warning system for tsunamis in Kamchatka

Kamchatka today participated in international exercises Tsunami Warning System (TWS) in the Pacific Ocean (Pacific wave 2011). According to RIA Novosti, new alert system, installed on the Kamchatka Peninsula, delivered a training signal of the tsunami threat from the United States for 2 minutes.

According to legend, exercise, tsunamigenic earthquake of magnitude 9 occurred in the south-east coast of Kamchatka. The aim of the exercise was to provide timely and effective tsunami early warning, education of the population living at risk, as well as better coordination among all levels of TWS.

Bringing high speed signal of the tsunami threat ensured by established this year in the region TASTSO system (territorial automatic central alert). The teachings were the first serious approbation TASTSO and showed the effectiveness of its work.

It is expected that on 11 November the acceptance of the system to be assembled in Kamchatka cost of 23.5 million rubles., Into trial operation.

In 2012, the planned work on installing the speakers and the sound of sirens in tsunami hazard areas. After TASTSO signal will come at the expense of alert in the automatic mode, providing an effective and early information to the public.

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