Very soon the frogs can become an endangered species

All the frogs that live on our planet may disappear — due to changing climatic conditions. The climate is changing very quickly, and the frogs are simply unable to adapt to it quickly.

Scientists have conducted several studies in which analyzed the state of the frogs spawn in the last ten years. For caviar frogs watch thousands of people who helped the scientists to conduct the experiment. Later he was given a report on the observation of 50 tys.lyagushkami that lay eggs, have become increasingly put off her, as the temperature of the environment was able to heat it up to the desired temperature.

Frogs that live in the south, lay eggs two weeks earlier, apparently they believe that in this case in their offspring more likely to survive. But this sensitivity to external conditions significantly makes them vulnerable to changes in climatic conditions.

According to some information very soon on the ground temperature rise over 30 years by 2 degrees, but even these minor changes will be difficult for the frogs to survive. Therefore, scientists believe that the frogs are doomed to extinction. Such temperature and difficult for people to move, unless, of course not buy an air conditioner daikin, which will protect you from the heat.

Some researchers believe that the frog will move to the north, leaving the hot areas, but there is a chance that they will die because they can not move for a very long distance. In addition, there is no certain guarantee that the frogs can survive in other places. Scientists believe that by 2050, the frog will have to begin to lay eggs for 20 days before, and exactly seven days, or all of the progeny will be doomed to extinction. However, scientists are firmly convinced that the frogs will soon disappear as a species, because it would be very difficult to adapt to climate change.

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