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20.12.12.Sotni villagers Zhanbay Isatai area were in the zone of ecological disaster. According to them, to live in Zhanbae every year becomes more unbearable.

Dangerous neighborhood

Zhanbay village was founded in 1957 and eventually turned into a dense ring of oil fields.

The most dangerous neighbor Zhanbaya — Zhanatalap field, the development of which has been TOO "Potential Oil". We have already mentioned that the oil company at night bleed-through gas flare system without connecting torches («AJ» № 49 of 12.06.12, "Open burner for Zhanbaya").

— After the "Ak Zhayik" article appeared, pungent suffocating smell that dizzy, ended abruptly, — Says villager Anuarbek ZAYDOLLAULY.

Operating LP "Potential Oil" reported that two passes gas wells are now closed. However zhanbaytsy sure that as soon as the noise dies down, baiting resumes.

There is another serious problem. Six years ago 800 metrahot village LLP "Potential Oil" drilled several wells, closed later for geological reasons. Now drill holes flooded (Pictured), and 2 kilometers away from the ground oozing mud heat as very hot under the influence of underground gases. When heated stands Carolyn — a dangerous mix, which has an unpleasant odor. The land in this place is covered with cracks, a few hundred meters completely destroyed all vegetation. The area of contaminated mud, only boned, no warning signs that this is a dangerous area, is not established.

As it turned out, this place is under the protection of rural akimat and LLP "Potential Oil".

— We pump the sludge every two days, but it does not get smaller. Everything in my power — is to send letters to various authorities. They came from the field, saw the accident, but no one has offered nothing concrete, — Says Mayor of the village Zhanbay Alibi KHAIDAROV.

Zhanbaytsy fear that the mud can clog the fountain in the vicinity of the village.

Bestial share


In Zhanbae, called the "aul poachers' lives a little more Three thousand people. Unemployed a lot, and make a living fishing becomes more difficult. Fish became scarce, and there is no one to pass it. But in recent years has increased and loss of livestock.

— Most likely cause is the reduction of pasture land, — Says Ibrahim Kapsiihov. — Last year, I lost my two camels from camels. Were losses and odnoselchan. Over the last 34 years in the wilderness killed more Two thousand cattle.

Zhanbaets Serikkali Utebayev still remembers with horror as his sheep got into the lake from a drilled well and with her hair suddenly slipped.

Mayor of the village Alibi Haydarov connects murrain exclusively with the spread of the acute form of swamp fever.

— The disease is carried by ticks, mosquitoes, horseflies. Can not be helped, — Says A. Khaydarov.

Unhealthy reality

But zhanbaytsev concerned and the state of their health. Among the local population, the cases of diseases associated with the pressure and the heart. This year alone, died suddenly four otherwise healthy people aged 40-50 years.

— It is necessary to leave the house, as I have itchy face, and it is immediately covered with red spots. In other parts of me that does not happen, — Says villager Venus KAPSALYHOVA.

Among women of reproductive age, the cases of miscarriage, premature birth. If last year died 2infants up to 1 year, but this year has already 4. Is registered 41 children aged 1 to 15 years, suffering from anemia.

12 children suffering from various congenital diseases, 1— CP. Prevalent neurological diseases, such as traumatic brain pressure, — Says Spike pediatrician SHABDIROVA.

"Resettlement is not planned"

Zhanbaytsy not without reason to fear that in the near future Zhanbay can go underground in the literal sense of the word.

— We are not thinking about themselves and their descendants. In the end, Sune, what is happening in the village and in the surrounding area, then goes around comes around. We live in anticipation of a major environmental disaster. So we think it is important resettlement, — Say the old-timers of the village.

Akim District Isatai Turarbek Sultanbekov believes that the degree of harm caused to the environment and people will be determined in the near future.

— About supervening Zhanbae mud already known to the leadership of the Prime Minister. I think that measures to eliminate the consequences of accidents will be taken very soon. District budget alone will not overpower the cost of conservation wells, — Says T. Sultanbekov.

— Zhanbaytsy complain of ill health and the increased incidence of loss of cattle …

— I think this should be taken to aggravate the situation, such cases occur everywhere. While there is no concrete evidence to say about the environmental dangers early.

— Did you know that the population Zhanbaya require relocation?

— Relocation is not included in our plans. If it is of urgent need, then this will be the subject for public discussion.

When the number was imposed: According to Mayor Isatai district Turarbek Sultanbekova in interregional department ZapKazNedra discussed spills of drilling fluid. TOO "Potential Oil" tasked to eliminate the consequences of the means spills liquidation fund. That's all.

Lazzat Karazhanova


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