Volokolamsk found the remains of an alien





This — the skull. Ears — tube. Gaping round hole — like the nose-trunk. Instead of empty eye sockets — ivory balls.
We considered this "something" with the same curiosity as Valery Kurchatov, when found in a forest in autumn grass this piece of "extraterrestrial civilization."
— Well, what is that? I hesitated a long time — not bear to bear. A sudden sensation? The night we did not sleep with his wife. Science — it will say where is the mind, and where the infection …

News at the time instantly spread the village, on the site Kurchatovs gathered all the population, young and old. It turned out that fifteen years ago, the rural elderly observed in the sky above the Volokolamsk unusual glow that could be mistaken for a UFO. In 1989-1990, he was flying over the Moscow region many plates of it even in the papers. And suddenly the forest find something to do with the flight?
But the most amazing thing happened the next day, when the film is shown, otschelkannuyu Chinese-camera "soap". All the frames were overexposed on it!
We went to take a look at the "green man" with President Boris UFO community Apollonovich Shurinovym — he's one of the most respected in the Russian researchers of the paranormal.
— Why did you decide that it is — an alien? — He turned to Kurchatov. — In any case, the newcomer follows the laws of evolution — continues Shurinov. — Skull humanoid must be larger than the average person (proof that the aliens huge brain, there is a U.S. military laboratories), the aliens — movable limbs and functional mouth opening. In short, like all other rational being. And then — something fantastic …
We have asked the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg with a request to identify the remains of the forest. What they do not look like human, it is a fact. At the same time, unlike the skull and animal bones. Then whose are they? The examination results will be announced a few days ago, as we will inform our readers.

Moskovsky Komsomolets Ekaterina Belyaeva, Volokolamsk district.


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