Warm Christmas in provincial Germany. Photo


That was Christmas last year.

17.01.12.Na west German population every year wondering what would be Christmas: snow white or dark, snow-free. Last year, the snow piled above the knee. Initially, the Germans were happy at last white Christmas. Some pulled sleds and skis for years without lying. And then hit the cold. And transport stood up planes, trains, buses, cars.

Snow removal equipment is designed for highways and streets were completely carriageways. More than a week all were in a snowdrift.

But more often it is snow-free Christmas and slushy. So this year is "orphan winter." In the New Year it was 13 degrees. Of green grass and daisies bloom even pink clover. There are cherry blossoms and gorse, which was the different time of the year. Nature at a loss — to bloom or stay hibernating.

Author: Margaret L. Ruppert

Photo: Vladimir Shvemmer

Source: world.lib.ru

First yellow flowers on the gorse awake at the wrong time of year.


And timidly cherry blossom.

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