Was found birthplace Vampire

Russian scientists have come to unusual conclusions when they decided to get to the bottom of what happened from the word "vampire." The earliest mention of the vampire is found in the culture of the ancient Slavs, really at the famous vampires really Russian roots?

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About vampiropodobnyh beings in the world culture is mentioned in the XI century. It is also very much about vampires written in the manuscripts of the XV century. The professor, who has studied the record, initially surprised with the name of the Pischika, his name was dashing ghoul. The name of Professor was very surprised because it is not proper way ministers of the church, which in those days were and Pischikami. Even very hard to imagine that this monk could drink human blood.

Where does matter is an unusual name? Professor Michael Odessa explains that in those days, the names of the monks were normal, many of the monks abandoned their real names and nicknames used. In ancient times the nicknames of people, not because of the positive qualities of the person, but rather, on the contrary, from the ridiculous and negative. That is why the monk could be worthy of such an unusual name

At that time, when I first mentioned in ancient manuscripts the word "vampire" in Romanian Vlad III ruled the known nicknamed "Dracula", which today has become a representative kinovampira. Behind Vlad III left a huge legacy in those days was not Romanian, Dracula did so all the records on the popular while in Slavonic.

In Russia, the concept of the vampire has been connected with witchcraft, or vedmachestvom. Vampirstvo imply that a person departs from the sacred dogmas, which in those days were very important for the church. Russian people believed that if a person was away from the church and measures, after death, he will find no rest, and he was soon a hundred is not a vampire.

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