Weapons ghost — machine GRAD

I wish to bring to your attention a very unusual model with a rather curious history .. The preamble is as follows: Product name — "Grad".

Ammunition used — 6h49.Shop — box, sector, 30 rounds, for the design and architecture of absolutely similar modifications iron stores AKM-74 2nd and 3rd series, but with increased length, which consequently caused a change in the neck receiver — you can see in the pictures. The line-up — a bullpup, receiver cover, frame, barrel, trigger, handle uprevleniya fire, etc. etc. — AGGREGATION AKM, CSSA and other PBS optics — standard. On the back plate shoulder rest — an overlay with logo. Rifling — 4 x right, in increments of 415mm. Ballistics — both internal and externally — enough mediocre that, in general, and it is logical for a short-barreled guns comparable powerful patron. The highest penetration — "Bronicas" third class sews with a 250-270m. Small bounce.

And now — outpatients. These articles began to appear in the Southern Federal Entourage, in the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia about 2-years ago. Lock and undeniable factory, components — also, the party was not particularly large but infrequent. Cost at the hands danced from 250 to 350-minute greens. Obviously not, "ChechenOboronProm" on a number of grounds — the Russian Federation. "… Seeks out fire, finds the police …" But the most fun was the fact that in some cases turned out to be kitted out an experimental stores subcaliber "arrows" Shiryaev within the Unitarians 6h49 (Photo), who is said to have never and nowhere SERIALLY vypolnyalis.Dlya not help — at the moment, like, the matter is closed.

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