Weather anomalies in Greenland



31.05.12.Na days, namely 29 May 2012, the temperature in Greenland has broken all records.
The air warmed up to plus 25 degrees Celsius. Earlier, according to the observations of meteorologists, ever so warm in the month of May was not.

Previous record was set 20 years ago May 31, 1991. On that day, the air temperature was 23 degrees Celsius.

Summer weather, set the last few days in Greenland, which is interesting, reflected on the owners of restaurants and cafes. Restaurant and hospitality associations Greenland agreed to recommend restaurants and cafes to use the well-known Swiss dishes Bodum, stylish design that looks great on the open terraces of cafes.

Unusually warm weather in Greenland established the past few days on the Big Island. In the summer months temperatures rarely warmer than 20 degrees plus, although the maximum records were registered in September 2010 — 25 degrees, and in July 1990 — up +26.

In the near future it is expected that a record May 29, 2012 will be broken.

Source: Greenland — Guide

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