It happened early 80's, when any deviation from the Marxist-Leninist approach to empirical knowledge, obscurantism and the game was declared a sick imagination. Perhaps that is why the case has put "on the ears," a small part of a missile near Irkutsk, did not receive publicity, remained in the mind, memory, and the gray hair of its participants.

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A young journalist of the newspaper "Suvorov onslaught" arrived at the military unit to make a report about the service and life of the defenders of the Fatherland. As usual, he settled in the garrison hostel for bachelors. Roommate was a cheerful red-cheeked "Lech lieutenant." Posing as Lech, pulled out half-liter bottle of diluted alcohol and dating continued in the traditional manner.
A pleasant evening interrupted a messenger from the guardhouse:

The attack on the post! — He reported, and "Leh", grabbing his coat and hat, rushed to the scene. Of course, the journalist could not miss such a case, and went after him.

While serving as their eyes appeared scared, stuttering fighter of his incoherent explanations, it became clear that in clothing warehouses in part, tried to get some kind of creature, in appearance resembling a hybrid of a man with a wolf. Foot tall, cleft palate, and thick legs with curved claws.
Lying beside gun and cartridges, as it turned out, despite the sweeping terror fighter produced in an animal cage floor. However, he assured that the bullets just bounce off the werewolf ….

The soldier did not believe at first, because often there are cases of guard duty when impressionable soldiers with a fragile psyche begin to burn at frightened whisper or shade. However, the assistant chief of the guard sergeant Shalyagin, having examined the thorn, discovered a few shreds of wool and footprints, leaving the forest.

The morning should be carefully examined avid hunter Ensign Sementsov. After that, shook his head:
Traces of a wolf, only the big hurt, and went beast on two legs …

And for dinner in a part of the NKVD man arrived, removed the evidence and asked the participants to the event, in that hour of the journalist not to speak about the incident. After a few years of professional literature correspondent learned how to look werewolf, whose portrait is exactly coincided with the description given by a strange creature brave soldier.

As it turned out, and you can only kill it with a silver bullet, so it all fell into place. So do not believe after that folk legends …

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