West Russia suspected of trying to solve the Syrian issue by force

West Russia suspected of trying to solve the Syrian issue by force

Large-scale exercises, which will participate in the Joint ships mezhflotskoy grouping Naval Fleet, starting in the eastern Mediterranean. For disk imaging, originating from the General Staff of the Russian Federation, in the exercise will involve ships and personnel immediately several Russian fleets. First say on the involvement of the Black Sea, Northern and Baltic fleets, but later came the information that naval vessels PAC can take part in the exercises. Maneuvers, if they believe the official disk imaging, promise to be truly excellent.
One of the main components of the joint group exercises will be the tasks of planting commando units in several places at once, a strategy frisky loading of personnel and special equipment on board the amphibious ships to the places where the paratroopers and marines doing tasks assigned to them.
In addition to performing amphibious operations during exercises planned to implement a phased antisubmarine defense, which will participate in the naval aviation — the Ka-27. Of course, in the process of anti-submarine exercises possible protection would not only part of the overall scenario exercises, and are fully aware of the need, as enthusiasm for what is going to solve our homeland in the Mediterranean Sea in the West and just a great, if I may say so, obviously not healthy. But more about that a bit later. While back to something which will make the operation more Russian sailors in January during the maneuvers considered.

These operations will include naval artillery firing at targets located both at sea and on land. Strikes on ground targets planned for the cover operation and back loading landing troops. Do an artillery strike entrusted several ships, including the drifters «Yaroslav the Wise» (Baltic Fleet) and «sharpness» (Black Sea Fleet), RK «Moscow» (flagship of the Black Sea Fleet), as anti-submarine ship «Severomorsk» (Northern Fleet). Themselves landing operations will be performed from ships «Saratov» and «Novocherkassk» (Black Sea Fleet), «Alexander Shabalin» and «Kaliningrad» (both — the Baltic Fleet).

During naval exercises planned work training actions concerning emergency towing vessels to counter piracy in the Gulf of Aden groups (namely, opposition attacks of small vessels). Despite the fact that according to media reports, the main Somali filibuster, which in Mogadishu is the huge mouth, announced his own departure from the piracy business and move into a huge policy, it is unlikely it will lead to the fact that in the Gulf of Aden is now complete pacification reign Well … and now the world’s oceans are not only far from the Somali pirates. That is why the development of action plans to repel pirate attacks were not ignore the Russian sailors.

But true, tell them so, highlight all planned exercises in the Mediterranean, will be fighting in maneuvering Syrian shores. Mezhflotskaya group of Russian warships led by the missile cruiser «Moskva» will fulfill tactical actions in the immediate vicinity of Syria. In this case there is information that is scheduled immediately set several Russian ships to base logistics of the Russian Navy in the port of Tartus (Syria).

Specifically planned maneuvers Russian Navy ships off the coast of Syria, calling at Tartus became the object of incessant criticism from the West. A number of Western news agencies gave news about upcoming exercises Russian ships in the eastern Mediterranean as Moscow’s attempt to solve the Syrian issue outside military intervention.

«Progressive» press the U.S., Britain, several Arab states were full of headlines about the Russian militarism and its attempts to click on the «free people of Syria who longs to create their own country headed dictator Assad.» With all this zabugornye Publishing rushed to declare that our homeland leads to Syria so imposing grouping own warships, that the evacuation of the Russian people with the Syrian countryside, then be sure to take military action against the so-called opposition.

Yes there … There are Western Publishing and we have our own «prophets» in the media, that echo their zabugornye employees, stating that Moscow is a concern that the side of the Syrian «rebels» scamper all new groups of soldiers standing army of Syria . Say, specifically this occasion gave Putin (without it) immediately give the order to turn the situation in Syria in a purely anti-democratic direction.

For obvious reasons, when the media reports in one material having phrases like «bloody Assad regime», «Putin is ready to support Assad» and «military incursion into Syria from Russia», then especially impressionable readers (especially in the West) again begin to manifest anti-Russian sentiment. Now, if the teachings of U.S. naval ships carried, so it would be a different matter — just only exercises and nothing else … But oh so soon as it comes to the Russian Federation, immediately arise idle speculation that «Putin’s clawed hand» and all in this way.

But, in fairness, it must be said that especially impressionable readers who believe that with Assad in Syria fighting the real champions of the democratic order, and not heterogeneous militant groups, even in the West, there are fewer. People, despite continuing pressure information for soon had to realize that far not any military operation, which begs the NATO countries, is one that is capable of causing a particular country to democratic prosperity. The ongoing war in the country plainclothes «victory of democracy» Libya, as in Egypt, where the new «democratic» president had podgresti for himself all power — brightest examples of the consequences of military intervention and blind support of a party outside.

Of course, that amendment shaken own style, many Western politicians have now decided to use the factor of increasing military power of. Now no matter what military training initiative Russian Federation outside the territorial limits of the offshore and will be submitted to certain zabugornom media as an attempt by the Russian military to solve the puzzles.

Certainly, by a special desire Moscow could use naval grouping formed to «solve the Syrian issue,» but our country has a rather bloody experience of roles in obscure zabugornyh operations. RF task during large-scale exercises in the eastern Mediterranean region is not to invade the area of ​​the country and militarily support one of the parties to an armed conflict, and to the so-called world community suddenly appeared illusions that world there is only one force capable of defending its interests.

Libyan bad experience «abstinence» from the Russian Federation, of course, will not be repeated, because now any of us can create excellent, what converted try to close your eyes to the painful geopolitical issues. Yes, and get involved in Syrian protracted conflict, risking the lives of their own people, our homeland does not want.

But the fact of holding naval exercises in close proximity to the areas of the country, around which is now so much debate, of course, can play to increase the prestige of Russia in the global geopolitical terms. When someone suddenly there a strong desire to solve the question in Syria by the same method as it was settled in Libya (SAM installation «Patriot» Turkey is an example), then let these people remember that there are other forces that can be impressive counterweight. The very presence of Russian warships off the coast of Syria is able to cool even the hottest of the head, which in the near future to believe in their infallibility and invincibility.

Not enough, the Russian side now enjoys excellent western methodology of those explanations or other operations. Namely, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the start of teaching Russian Navy in general unrelated to the events that are happening on the ground in Syria. Say, clean water coincidence … This position is even more annoying West. Well, what? As they say, was who learn …
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